A couple of weeks ago, we thanked you, our supporters, and the lawmakers who helped bring the fight against HB 4075 to an end.

In the wake of that development, Illinois legislators seized the opportunity to further protect consumer choice by working to adopt a smart, permanent regulatory framework for ridesharing.

Yesterday, the Illinois House and Senate passed SB 2774 – a compromise bill that prioritizes rider safety and preserves transportation choices and economic opportunity for drivers. State legislators acted on behalf of their constituents – the riders and drivers who use uberX, and the cities and towns that depend on it.

A few specifics of the bill:

  • This compromise legislation was crafted by legislators who chose to put riders and drivers first. 
  • SB 2774 meets the standards Uber already had in place regarding insurance. Additionally, this bill provides insurance companies with the opportunity to develop new and innovative products for TNC driver partners.
  • Cities across Illinois, including Chicago – which led the state in passing regulations accounting for the innovation of the rideshare industry – maintain local control over critical licensing issues, giving municipalities the ability to meet their own needs.

With the passage of this bill in the state House and Senate, the thousands of people moved and the thousands of partners who move them, can ride assured knowing that Uber is here to stay. Thank you for standing by us and helping us in the fight to ensure Uber has a permanent home here in Illinois. Let’s keep moving forward.

-Team Uber Illinois