Since launching in Toronto two and a half years ago, we’ve learned about what you want. Sometimes you want sushi from down the street, and sometimes you want tacos from your favorite place across town. While orders vary, we’ve always had just one flat booking fee (around $4.99 depending on the city). Starting today, we’re using technology to unlock more of what you want – more affordable booking fee options for restaurants nearby, while maintaining access to further away restaurants at a slightly higher price.

Here’s how it works

Moving forward, we’re adjusting our one flat booking fee to become a range of booking fee options. The difference in booking fee is predominantly determined by where you are and where the restaurant’s location is. For example, this means your booking fee might be lower for the restaurant around the corner than it is for the one across town. We’ll also be highlighting booking fees upfront, before you select a restaurant, so there are never surprises at checkout. As always, we’re keeping the things you love – no hidden fees and no minimum orders.

When searching for restaurants in the app, you’ll be able to filter by booking fee, making it easier to find the right restaurant at the right price point for you. Since testing this feature in our beta cities, we’ve seen 52% of orders have lower booking fees than in the previous flat booking fee structure.

So go ahead… add that guacamole to your burrito. Food delivery just got more affordable.