As the weather warms up and the sun shines a little longer, we know that people are spending more time outdoors with family and friends, especially at places like parks and playgrounds. However, these locations can often pose challenges for couriers looking to quickly navigate and deliver food to consumers who’ve selected “meet at door” or “meet outside” deliveries. To help make drop offs more seamless, our team has worked hard to launch Live Location Sharing for couriers and consumers.

Here’s how it works:

  • Once you’ve placed a “meet outside” or “meet at door” order on Uber Eats, you’ll receive a notification that your location will be shared with your courier. This helps your courier find where to drop off your order. 
  • Your location will only be shared when the courier is three minutes away and if you’re within 100m of the dropoff location. Location sharing stops when your order is delivered.
  • If you’d like to stop sharing your location, you have the option to turn off the feature. 

“We’re thrilled to bring location sharing to Uber Eats and help consumers ensure greater reliability with every delivery they receive,” said Divya Dalapathi, Director of Product Management at Uber. “After launching the feature on Uber rides and seeing great success, we knew that building this feature on Uber Eats would be a game changer – especially for consumers who order from tricky to navigate locations like office buildings, parks, and large apartment complexes.”

Live Location Sharing is available in all Uber Eats global markets, except Quebec.