Hear ye! Hear ye, Seattle! For all those times you wished you had an easy way to get your snowboard gear to Sea-Tac, needed to shuttle you and five friends to a show at Neumos, or just wanted to feel like a baller rolling into work but were unsure of the type of vehicle that would arrive….

It is hereby proclaimed on this July Fourth, Two Thousand and Twelve: Seattleites have the freedom to choose. You may now request an SUV!



The Uber that you know and love is here to stay, friends. Choose to request an Uber ride under this tab and you will be guaranteed a ride for up to 4 people in a lovely high-end sedan or SUV. Side note: If an SUV rolls up to whisk you away under this option you will not be charged SUV pricing.


TA-DAAAAA! These high-class bad boys are ready for ya to load in 6 people. PARTY!

I know, you are SUPER STOKED AND WANT TO KNOW HOW TO REQUEST. For this freedom of choice, you will need to have our iPhone or Android app. At the top of the map you’ll select the vehicle type that you’d like to Uber you around the Emerald City, set the pin in your location and request away! You will get a text message just like any other Uber ride that your driver is en route and then arriving now. Need a refresher course on pricing? Just tap the vehicle types icon in the top right hand corner.

So go forth, Seattle. Get those snowboards to the airport! Pile your friends in and arrive at the show together! Be that baller you always wanted to be! Enjoy the freedom of choice.

Towncars and SUVs forever!

Jen, your Uber Seattle Community Manager


P.S. You may have read that “UberX” is coming to a city near you. Well, stay tuned…. 😉