Uber first launched in Kansas — a state traditionally known for its support of free market ideals and innovation — nearly a year ago to the excitement of riders and drivers. Since then, the Uber platform has facilitated tens of thousands of rides for residents and visitors who need them, and given hundreds of Kansas residents the opportunity to earn an income.

Over the past several weeks, more than 6,600 Uber Kansas supporters urged their state legislators and Governor Brownback to support ridesharing services, like uberX.

Unfortunately, Kansas lawmakers chose not to listen to their constituents, and special interests succeeded in securing an override of the Governor’s veto of SB 117 – a bill that makes it impossible for Uber to operate in the state.

Immediately after that vote, Uber ceased operations throughout Kansas. Drivers who opened the app to make a living, and riders who opened it to get a ride, were both denied the freedom to do so.

By overriding Governor Brownback’s veto of SB 117, Kansas legislators:

In keeping up the motto of this great state, “Ad Astra Per Aspera,” we will aim to reach our goal of a permanent home for Uber in Kansas even after this challenge.

We extend our gratitude to the thousands of supporters, partners and champions who have spread the Uber love far and wide.

Farewell Kansas — until we meet again.


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