Los Angeles is the original UberEATS city. In August 2014, bold chefs and adventurous eaters like you embraced our small delivery pilot. Since then, you’ve relied on UberEATS to deliver LA’s best meals in an instant. What started as a small pilot, has become its own stand-alone app.

Starting today, you can use the UberEATS app–available on iOS and Android–to order delivery from the full menus of your favorite restaurants. With extended hours of operation from 10am to 10pm, you’ll be able to enjoy more options and more affordable prices, more often. The new UberEATS is here.

Since UberEATS launched, LA favorites like Bay Cities, Kreation Organic, and Sotto, have worked with us to expand their reach and reimagine the way customers enjoy their food.

Bay Cities Italian Deli and Bakery, a Santa Monica icon, has been featured on UberEATS since the launch of the service in 2014. General Manager, Hector Padilla, works with UberEATS to provide a “bridge to customers who can’t come into the restaurant that day.” Now with the UberEATS app, “customers can explore our full menu and get what they want delivered any day of the week.”

The new UberEATS app gives Los Angeles eaters and restaurants more options.

  • Now we’ll deliver from the full menus of your favorite restaurants, seven days a week, for just $5–with no extra fees
  • At lunch and dinnertime, you can still get great food in as little as 10 minutes through our Instant Delivery menu
  • Restaurants can depend on the Uber delivery network to get more meals delivered to more customers, quickly and reliably

Anyone in an UberEATS city in the US can now download the UberEATS app and have a selection of signature dishes delivered through Instant Delivery. And starting today, West Side eaters can take advantage of full restaurant delivery. This functionality will be rolling out to all of Los Angeles and additional UberEATS cities soon.

Los Angeles, we want you to be able to eat what you want, when you want. In honor the launch, your first order is up to 50% off up to $10. Download the UberEATS app, find what you’re craving, and we’ll handle the rest.

Know a restaurant that would be great on UberEATS? Send them our signup form.