Winter is coming. Despite the falling temperatures, we know a healthy bunch of JUMP electric bike and scooter riders will still want to ride in the coming months. So we are committed to helping make sure those riders who brave the cold still can and know how to do so safely.

We have made a list of JUMP safety tips to help riders in the winter months

  • Stay visible: our bikes and scooters are painted bright red with reflective signage and lights, but you should make sure you wear easily visible or reflective clothing for additional visibility in the dark.
  • Stay warm : Layer and wrap up to ensure you body stays warm on the road. If wearing gloves, please ensure you can grip and control the bike. Likewise if you wear a scarf please ensure it does not impair your vision or get tangled in the bike.
  • Keep your helmet on: No matter the weather, always remember to wear a helmet and continue to follow our usual safety guidance.  

Safety is one of our top priorities so there are times when we may pause the use of JUMP electric bikes and scooters when the winter weather creates dangerous conditions such as ice, snow, thunder storms, strong winds and heavy rainfall. To that end we have created winter weather guidelines, so riders know in advance what conditions and temperatures will likely mean JUMP electric bikes and scooters won’t be available. 

Winter Weather Guidelines for pausing JUMP Bike and Scooter Service:

Temperature 23 degrees Fahrenheit for scooters
Snow Government declared Snow emergency 
Road Conditions Roadways wholly covered in ice or compacted Snow
Windspeed Government warning for excessive wind
Rainfall  Government warning for flooding

JUMP teams will be actively monitoring the conditions the cities we serve based on these guidelines, helping to determine when we need to temporarily block access to them via the app and if needed, remove them from the street.