Uber Rewards launched in 2018 to recognize your continued loyalty through practical perks, rewards points, and unique benefits. We built it because customers wanted their holistic Uber experience to get better every time they booked an on-demand ride, or ordered a hot meal with Uber Eats. 

Two years later, so much has changed. It’s no secret that ordering delivery on Uber Eats has become both wildly popular and increasingly necessary for everyday life, while riders are masking up on their second first trip(s) in cities around the world.

Despite it all, tens of millions of Rewards members are still redeeming billions of earned points each month. Even if the reasons for using Uber have changed dramatically, you’ve shown us how much you value (and love!) being rewarded for using existing, and recently-added ways to use our platform like Hourly, Uber Connect, Uber Green, and grocery delivery.   

 So in response, we’re rolling out the most ambitious upgrade to the Rewards program yet, one that’ll provide more freedom to redeem reward points when and how you want, all-new point redemption options, and an extended Reward redemption period.

These changes are our way of saying thanks for trusting Uber to help feed your family, stay connected to a loved one, or simply run errands in these challenging times. As you stay nimble in the face of everyday challenges, we’re committed to moving in stride with updates like these.  

A Whole New Way to Redeem Points 

As a reminder, reward points are earned on every eligible dollar spent with rides on Uber or placing food orders through your Uber apps. 

Here’s how the program is evolving: 

  • More Freedom to Redeem: Previously, you could only redeem a Reward once you accrued 500 reward points–no more, no less. Now, you’ll be able to redeem a Reward whenever you want, as long as you’ve earned enough reward points to cover the Reward amount (see examples below). There’s also no limit on how many Rewards you can redeem! 
  • All-New Redemption Options: Previously, you could only select from a handful of Rewards redemption options. Today, the program will expand to 30+ options including new ones that range from 100 to 8,000 points. Bigger and better rewards will require more reward points to redeem, while several easier-to-redeem (i.e. below 500 point) options are also available. More options mean more choices to identify the Reward that best fits your needs.
  • Extended Redemption Period: Previously, you’d need to redeem a Reward within 28 days or they’d expire. Now, you’ll have six months to use your points from the time you earn them. Plus, any leftover points from your last redemption can still be spent or accrued however you like!

Bringing Loyalty Options to Life 

As the first to bring a ridesharing loyalty program to life, we’re taking freedom of choice to the next level.









Notable examples of expanded Reward redemptions include:


  • 10% off your next trip; 250 points 
  • 20% off Uber Comfort, 750 points
  • Free (up to $30) UberX trip; 2,000 points
  • 4 free trips (up to $30 off each); 8000 points  

Uber Eats orders*

  • Free coffee from Starbucks ($3 value); 250 points 
  • 40% off a Pickup order; 500 points
  • 10% off all Uber Eats orders within a week; 700 points 
  • Free $25 Uber Eats order; 2500 points 
  • 50% off all Uber Eats orders within a month; 8000 points 


  • Up to 4 months free of Apple Music; 500 points 
  • 30 day free trial of HBO MAX for new subscribers; 1000 points 
  • Free month of Rosetta Stone for one language; 750 points


This update is available to Uber Rewards members at any level– Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The membership level qualifications for the program remain unchanged.   

Members will have access to the new redemption experience as it rolls out over the next few months in the U.S. For more information, click Uber Rewards Program Terms or visit the Uber Rewards section of the Uber app. 

*See Uber app for dollar caps on % off discounts; and Uber will donate $1 on your behalf for every Uber Rewards donation selection you make.