We created Uber Eats as a way to provide quick, reliable food delivery. But it didn’t take long before we learned that this isn’t just something you need when you’re at home. In fact, Uber for Business partner SAP Concur found that Uber Eats orders were up more than 700% annually!

That’s why today we’re introducing Eats for Business as a way for organizations to use Uber Eats to manage food delivery for employees, whether they’re ordering to the office or traveling for work. By integrating into Uber for Business, this new offering provides companies with the same granular controls, reporting, and billing features that they’ve come to expect when using Uber for ground transportation.

With Eats for Business, organizations across the globe can benefit from:

  • Set-and-forget meal programs: Admins can set up automated programs for late night meals at the office, lunch meetings for teams, and more. For example, if the admin wants to create a “late night meal” policy, they can geofence the location to the office address, and set the time of day so that the policy only works after 7pm on weeknights. The company can also choose how much to fund per meal; if employees need to spend more, it’s no problem, since everything over the spend allowance will be charged to their payment method of choice.
  • Straightforward, centralized billing: Uber Eats is already among the most expensed food delivery services in the US. By ordering through Eats for Business, employees can eliminate extra steps and save time by automatically charging orders to the company account when the meal is within parameters set by the business.
  • Full visibility into employee and team ordering: Leveraging detailed reporting from Uber for Business, companies can now receive a single, centralized bill so that they can have a clear idea of spending habits by team, with information into the time of day and the purpose of the order. This can help companies make better decisions around what kind of meal programs they should offer to individual teams.

We’re excited to bring together two services that companies and employees already depend on at work to create something even better. Whether it’s ordering Thai to their hotel room after a long day of business travel or treating the team to Monday morning donuts, we can’t wait to see how Eats for Business opens up the way that companies think about snacks and meals for employees, in the same way that it’s impacted how we eat at home. Starting today, Uber Eats for Business will be available to organizations located in the US.

“I recently took a business trip that had me landing in a new city at midnight. The hotel had no room service and I didn’t want to search for open restaurants in the middle of the night. I pulled up Uber Eats and found many options. Dinner arrived in ten minutes, was half the price of any hotel meal and automatically billed into our expense system. EAB is excited to offer Uber Eats to our employees as part of our Uber for Business program.” – Steven Mandelbaum, VP Business Solutions, EAB