Flexibility and the ability to earn on your own schedule are a big draw of driving with Uber, so about a year ago we asked ourselves: why not offer drivers the same flexibility to access their earnings whenever they want, too? Enter Instant Pay, an easy-to-use option that makes cashing out the money you make with Uber as simple as pushing a button—anytime, anywhere.

We thought Instant Pay might be a hit when we introduced it with the Uber Debit Card from GoBank one year ago. Nearly 80,000 people signed up in just a few months. But it was once we expanded Instant Pay to virtually any debit card that things really started to take off. One year in, we’re sharing a few highlights on how drivers have used Instant Pay to date.

Over $1.3 billion dollars cashed out by drivers with Instant Pay


Biggest day for Instant Pay cash outs: December 18, 2016


Hundreds of thousands of drivers in the US have signed up for Instant Pay

Drivers across the US are using Instant Pay to cash out the money they’ve made on their schedule, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded eligibility requirements to include most drivers and couriers in the US with a trip under their belt. That way more people can enjoy the experience of cashing out their earnings whenever they want.

From pickup corrections that save time and headaches to support policy changes that give drivers more of a say, we’re always looking for ways—big and smallto make the experience better. We’ve still got a ways to go. It won’t happen in an instant. But unlike getting paid, some things take time.


For more information on Instant Pay, please visit uber.com/info/instant-pay