Houston – think having a private driver is only for the wealthy? Great news: thanks to Uber, it’s not. Uber will put your own private driver and all 627 square miles of this great city at your fingertips with the tap of an app. No need to schedule ahead for a ride, fumble with your wallet or worry about having one too many during a night on the town. Can you believe it? Houston is one of the last major U.S. cities without Uber. We want to change that.


We can’t wait to bring Uber’s stylish, efficient and reliable service to Houston – service that will revolutionize the way you think about getting around town for both business and pleasure – inner loop, outer loop and beyond. Whether you’re going to House of Blues for a show and don’t want to worry about parking or it’s date night on Wash Ave or you’re headed to check out the new-look Rockets, Uber will have you covered.

But, Houston, we have a problem. In order to meet your overwhelming demand for Uber in Houston, we need to brush the cobwebs off some old regulations. For example, under current regulations, if you want to catch a ride in a town car from the Heights to downtown, you have to pay a minimum fare of $70 – even though the trip only takes roughly 15 minutes. Doesn’t seem quite right, does it? We agree.

The good news? Mayor Parker and the City Council are committed to innovation across all sectors and we’re confident that transportation will be no different. We’re working to show them just how excited we all are about Uber in Houston so keep the support coming. Sign the petition and share your #UberHoustonLove on Twitter with @anniseparker and @houstontxdotgov.

We’ll keep the updates coming right here and @Uber_Houston. Hope to see you soon!