Today, we are excited to announce that Stride Health’s coverage recommendation engine is now easily accessible to drivers nationwide directly through the Uber Partner App. It’s now more seamless than ever to shop for and compare plans, find out which plans cover a driver’s doctors and are the most cost-effective for a driver’s unique profile.  Drivers who are part of Uber’s Momentum Program will also receive a voucher through Stride Health this week, and can use it at over 8,000 pharmacies nationwide to get a free flu shot.

A year ago, Uber and Stride began piloting Stride’s health care recommendations and coverage enrollment engine in seven states.  Since then, over 45,000 Uber partners have used Stride Health for guidance on a variety of health care needs, including finding a doctor, planning a visit, enrolling in coverage, and using the company’s recommendation engine to compare health plan options. The pilot also showed that two-thirds of Uber driver partners accessed Stride from their mobile device. And nearly half of drivers who have enrolled in health coverage through Stride did so on their phones.

As a result, this year, drivers nationwide will be able to access Stride’s product directly through the revamped Uber Partner App.

Stride - screenshot1

Uber’s partnership with Stride is part of Uber’s Momentum program, which also includes discounts on fuel, reduced vehicle maintenance costs; and discounts at top wireless carriers.