Here at Uber, we want to get you from point A to point B quickly and conveniently. Most of the time, riders and drivers have no problem finding each other, but sometimes we know the process could be smoother.

Today we’re announcing a new partnership with Foursquare in an effort to improve the accuracy and ease of pickups and dropoffs. We will use and modify their POI (points of interest) data to improve the rider and driver experience, which will save valuable time during every trip. These modifications will also be incorporated into Foursquare’s venue database going forward.

Not only will Foursquare’s data help us connect riders and drivers, it can also help with products like uberEATS and uberRUSH. For example, if you’re a driver picking up food for delivery, you might naturally go to the front of the business but the order might be waiting for you at the back door. By customizing Foursquare’s POI data, it will be easier for Uber drivers to identify the right pickup and dropoff locations in many different situations.

Uber is already integrated into Foursquare, which means riders can request an Uber directly within the app. And we’re excited to build on our existing partnership by announcing that going forward, Foursquare employees will now exclusively use Uber for Business for all their ridesharing needs on the job.