A new year means fresh starts and trying new things. However, sometimes the what-ifs and unknowns are what hold us back. They hinder us from exploring new options that can lead to our next opportunities or adventures. Are you, or your friends and family hesitant to try Uber for the first time? If you’re curious about riding with Uber, we wanted to lend you some advice, straight from the source, to defeat your reservations.

Riding with Uber

If you’re looking for a ride but want a better option for transportation, Uber can be your new go-to. Maybe there’s nowhere to park, maybe you’re heading to the airport, or maybe you just plain don’t feel like driving. Whatever your reason, a ride is one tap away with Uber. Read on for tips on overcoming your first-trip fears.

Take a test ride

You may be unsure about “how it all works”. Test the waters by riding with a friend who is experienced. You’ll get a feel for the process and quickly learn how seamless your rides can be. Uber operates 24/7 and is a great option for when you’ve had one too many drinks at happy hour or need to finish out your commute from the bus stop.

Safety is key

Worried about getting into a car with a stranger? Anytime you take a trip, you’ll have the driver’s first name, make and model of their vehicle, and license plate number made available to you. Each trip is tracked through the app and all driver-partners must fulfill criteria, including a background check, before driving with Uber. We recommend always confirming the correct vehicle and driver before getting into the car. At Uber, safety is of the utmost importance for both riders and driver-partners and ensuring both feel comfortable during trips is a priority.

Keep your private info private

If you’re feeling concerned about a driver having access to your personal information, not to worry. They are only shown your profile photo and first name. If you need to contact your driver or they need to contact you, both the Uber Partner app and rider app use temporary phone numbers to anonymize your private information.

Know what you’ll pay for trips

The Uber app also displays upfront fares when you enter a destination, so you will always know the price of your trip before you take it. You may have heard stories about surge and we’re here to debunk the theories. Surge pricing goes into effect when demand outweighs supply in order to ensure riders always have a ride when they need it most. We’ll always let you know if your area is surging before you request a ride. If surge is high and you’re not in a rush, you can opt to be notified when prices return to normal.

So what are you waiting for? Get out on the road you’ll be a pro in no time.

Happy Ubering!