Two years ago, Uber launched in San Antonio right before Fiesta with the goal of ensuring people have a ride when they need it most. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have opened the Uber app in San Antonio and requested a safe ride at the tap of a button.

Uber facilitated nearly 100,000 rides during Fiesta 2016

During Fiesta 2016, we proudly connected San Antonians and visitors to nearly 100,000 rides. Through our partnerships with Fiesta San Antonio and VIA Metropolitan Transit, Fiesta-goers were able to skip the hassle of parking and congestion and the dangers of drinking and driving.

Take a peek at how many people used Uber during Fiesta compared to a normal 10-day period

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We want to extend a special thanks to our driver-partners for making it easy for folks to responsibly enjoy a Night in Old San Antonio.

We also want to thank the residents of San Antonio, Fiesta San Antonio, San Antonio City Council, and VIA Metropolitan Transit for allowing Uber to continue to move the Alamo City. Together, we are working hard to keep the streets a safer place for everyone.