For many families, Uber can be a gamechanger. Whether it’s getting to the airport for family vacation, helping your college student move around campus, or ordering dinner in a pinch – Uber can be a convenient way for parents, caregivers and families to make it through the day.

When using Uber with family members young and old, we realize that peace of mind is what’s top of mind. And it’s important for parents and families to be aware and understand both our policies and the safety features available in the app.

In order to proactively educate families on safety with Uber, we are launching an awareness campaign called “Car Seat to College.” As part of the campaign, we are collaborating with National PTA to deliver important safety tips and information to families across the country so they know how to use the app appropriately, and to help them have a safe and reliable experience when using Uber with loved ones.

Here are seven safety tips for families:

  • Call About a Car Seat – Car seats are generally required by law for young children in vehicles. If you are bringing your own car seat with your little one, call the driver in advance to let them know. Drivers may cancel a trip if proper restraints aren’t available for every rider or if they are not comfortable with a rider installing a seat in their car. Here is a new resource* from Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute that discusses car seat laws by state.
  • Is Your Child Under 18? Keep Tabs in a Positive Way – Remember that riders need to be over 18 years old to have an Uber account and kids under 18 are not allowed to ride unaccompanied, order food on Uber Eats or use a JUMP electric bike or scooter. Make it a habit of checking your trip order history in the top left corner of the app to make sure that your child isn’t using your account inappropriately.
  • Track Loved Ones – Set up a Family Profile. When one of your family members takes a trip, you will be automatically notified and can track the trip in real time. For peace of mind, have your college-aged kids and other adults use the Trusted Contacts feature so they can be prompted to share their trip status with friends or family. Riders can choose to share all trips, night-time only trips, or none at all.
  • Study Up on Safety – Uber’s Safety Center, which riders can find by pushing the shield icon in the app during a trip, contains key safety information including tips built in partnership with law enforcement, driver screening, insurance protections and our Community Guidelines.
  • Help Your Caregiver Out – Using the Request for a Guest feature, Uber users can order rides for loved ones over 18 who do not have an Uber account – whether it’s arranging a ride for grandparents at the airport or getting a caregiver home.
  • Check Your Ride –  When the car arrives, double check that the driver’s name, photo and license plate information matches what’s in the app. It’s a great reminder for everyone from your college-aged kids to older adults that they can only request a ride with Uber by using the app, and should never accept a ride from someone claiming to be a driver.
  • Biking and Scooting? Safety First – JUMP e-scooters and bikes are available through the Uber app (in select cities) and offer an affordable transportation option for riders over 18. If you bike or scoot, please remember to follow safe riding tips, including wearing a helmet.

Uber can be a convenient and reliable tool for the ever changing needs of busy families and their loved ones. We know that family members are your most precious cargo, and we hope this information will help you make smart and safe choices.

Find more information on family safety with Uber here.  


*This resource is operated by a third party, and Uber is not responsible for its contents.