Since Eats launched a little over three years ago, food delivery has grown from a weekend indulgence to a favorite lifehack that saves us all time — be it at the office, for a special occasion or to feed our families.

As pushing a button and getting a meal became more ubiquitous, our expectations evolved, too. Calling in an order of comfort food will always be a part of delivery, but there’s a lot more to it today. We all want a simple way to find a great selection of affordable and healthy options.

That’s why we’re introducing a redesign of the Eats delivery experience, inspired by your feedback.

Better tracking

By the time you place a delivery order, you’re already hungry. Minutes can feel like an eternity when your appetite’s involved. So we’ve revamped our tracking technology to share the latest on your order from its confirmation and preparation through the courier’s route to the restaurant, order pickup and delivery to your door.  We’re also making information more easily accessible so you’re up to speed on what’s happening with your meal from the moment you hit ‘order’ to the second it’s in your hands.

Simpler fixes when an order doesn’t go as planned

Building with the best delivery experience possible in mind means preparing for the unexpected. Our redesign introduces new features to handle delays and surprises:

  • If your order gets delayed or canceled, we’ll tell you more about what’s happening and why.
  • You’ll be able to reach out to your delivery partner even before they pick up your order.
  • We’re working to make sure that you can reach the support you need, be it via call or chat.

All of these updates — which are rolling out today in sixteen cities around the world and in the coming months across all the communities we serve — are just the first step in building a better Eats experience.  In the coming months, we’ll be introducing more ways for you to get help and more delicious delivery options. Stay tuned!