It all started with a cold-pressed juice in Toronto.  20 million breakfast deliveries to 200 cities across 30 countries later, it’s time to celebrate the Uber Eats app turning two.

To commemorate this milestone, we’re introducing a new look that celebrates the endless possibilities of food with more color and shapes. We will start off with our new app launcher, which brings what we do (food!) front and center (pro tip: update your Eats app).

We also want to deliver on our mission to make eating well effortless at any time, for anyone. What started as an experiment within the Uber app has evolved into a global business supporting more than 80,000 restaurants across the world every day. As our options expanded to more than 40 unique global cuisines, it’s also clear that flavors know no borders. The most popular cuisine in the US and Canada is Chinese food, while Asia and Europe’s most popular dish is Mexican-inspired burritos. In fact, burritos consistently beat out taco orders across the globe (except in Latin America, where the latter still reign supreme).

We’ve learned a lot along the way about everything from cuisine preferences to everyday food needs. While meals can define some of the most special moments of our lives, the daily hassle of getting a good meal when you’re pressed for time has made delivery into a global trend. Around the world, people are ordering enough burgers to fill every seat at all professional football stadiums 21 times over.

Your orders have defied the stereotype of food delivery. We’ve delivered dinner to the Eiffel Tower, breakfast on Bondi Beach, lunch alongside Tokyo’s Imperial Palace, and full-blown picnics to Central Park.

We’re embracing the endless food possibilities – all occasions, any location, but we know great food delivery at the push of a button is still relatively new and most of us still feel guilty about ordering in.

Yet, as much as we may say we want to cook for ourselves, our meals often consist of the choice between the expired yogurt in the fridge, kids’ leftovers, or the protein bar in your purse.

That’s why we are excited to take on the challenge to build an Uber Eats that helps meet people’s practical eating needs. Whether you are looking for a protein packed dinner, a specific dish, trying something new, or really need to stay on budget, we want to help remove the unnecessary logistics in your life – in this case, in one of the areas that matters most: food, for you and those you care about.

Thank you for making this journey possible and stay tuned for more fun food news ahead.