Looking back at the last year, we’ve seen major—dare we say unprecedented—shifts in our day-to-day. We’ve gotten used to FaceTime first dates, toasted birthdays, engagements and retirements virtually—and sent gifts across city blocks and timezones to celebrate these major milestones from afar.

This week we’re celebrating a milestone of our own, formally welcoming Drizly, North America’s leading alcohol delivery service, to Uber. Drizly offers the largest selection of beer, wine, and spirits, and the ability to get drinks to your door in under 60 minutes—so fittingly we’re inviting the entire country to raise a glass. Today through the weekend, use code PAIR** for $5 off your Drizly order, and cheers this perfect pairing.

What better way than with a perfect pairing of your own? Use PAIR to add chianti to your pizza night. Cervezas to your tacos. Sake to your sushi. Whatever you’re feeling this week, we’re right there with you.

Looking ahead, we are so excited to be teaming up with Drizly. The team has built a beloved brand in 33 U.S. states since 2012, brings great expertise in delivering alcohol safely and reliably, and we know the untapped collaboration opportunities are massive for the thousands of merchants and retailers we support.

We can’t wait to share more. But for now, please join us in toasting a bright and bubbly future by downloading Drizly if you haven’t already, and using code PAIR at checkout.

**Must be 21+ to order in the USA or 18+/19+ in Canada depending on provincial law. Promo code valid until October 17th at 11:59pm PST. Codes may be applied to the delivery fees or products, depending on applicable state or provincial laws. Code only valid in CA, CO, DC, FL, IL, LA. Promos are not valid in CT, MO, OH, OK, PA or HI. Discounts are restricted to delivery fees in GA, IN, MA, ME, MN, NC, NJ, TX, VA, WA and Alberta. Codes cannot be combined with any other offers. Code is redeemable for one time use only. Redemption towards purchases or delivery fees under $5 will not result in value or credit to be used at a later date. Not valid at all retailers. Items are subject to availability and may not be carried by all retailers. Prices are set by retailers in your area. Input your delivery address on www.drizly.com or on our apps for local inventory and pricing information.