With the 2018 elections around the corner, many organizations and companies across the country are going the extra mile to support our democratic process. At Uber, we want to do our part, too—by helping voters register and get to the polls on Election Day.

Using our technology and resources, we can help make it easier for every Uber rider in the U.S. to get to their polling place at the push of a button. We’re also partnering with nonprofit organizations to register voters before state deadlines and provide free rides to the polls on November 6. *For additional details on rides to the polls, see here

Here’s what we are doing to make it easier for citizens everywhere to cast their vote:

  • Get to the Polls Button: On Tuesday, November 6, anyone in the U.S. will be able to quickly find their polling place and book a ride to go vote—with just a few taps in the Uber app. (Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app.)

  • Free Rides to the Polls: To help the millions of Americans who cite transportation barriers as the reason they don’t vote, we’ll be partnering with #VoteTogether and Democracy Works to provide free rides to the polls. *For additional details, see here


  • Helping Riders and Drivers Register to Vote: To help support voter registration efforts, Uber has partnered with When We All Vote to provide our customers with easy-to-use voter registration tools. Earlier this week, we began sharing registration resources with riders through the Uber app.

We will also be emailing information about how to register to vote to drivers and delivery partners across the United States. And between now and Election Day, we’ll be hosting voter registration drives at more than 125 U.S. Greenlight Hub locations around the country to help register as many eligible voters as possible before their state’s deadline. These driver support centers will have local registration resources on hand, so drivers and delivery partners—or anyone else who wants to—can come easily register to vote in person. Find a Greenlight Hub near you at uber.com/drive.

  • Uber for Campaigns: Any campaign or organization can use our existing Uber Events offering to purchase and distribute promo codes for rides to the polls on Election Day. Additional ways to arrange and pay for rides on behalf of others are available at uber.com/business.

Decisions get made by those who show up. This Election Day, Uber will be doing what we can to make it easier for people to do just that. On November 6, I hope everyone does one thing: vote!


* Promo codes distributed in connection with #VoteTogether for early voting will be distributed exclusively by #VoteTogether.

The Uber promotional offer available to riders (as described here) is for up to $10 off a single ride to your polling place on November 6, 2018 on the most affordable option in your city (Express POOL, POOL, or UberX, in that order).  This promotional offer is not available at all in Michigan, Puerto Rico, or the other US territories.  Uber reserves the right to limit supply or assess charges in the event that Uber suspects there has been abuse of the promotional offer or due to unanticipated demand. Promotion cannot be combined with other offers or discounts, is non-transferable, and subject to change. Any promo codes are offered in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. This offer is not intended to induce, nor is it conditioned on, the act of voting, refraining from voting or voting for or against any particular candidate, political party or measure.  Promo will be available for trips to the polls via the UberWAV option, where available.