It’s official: the Uber Driver App for iOS is now available for download in the App Store. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of the top 9 things you probably didn’t know about the Uber Driver App for iOS.

Once you’ve taken a look, head on over to the App Store and take it for a spin.

An app designed for drivers.

No-one knows how to improve the Uber experience better than the people who use it every day. Through feedback sessions, research and testing, we collaborated with drivers to understand how our team could build features that would best meet your needs. The result is a sophisticated app designed to give you complete control over your time and schedule with the tools you need to make the most of every mile.

One App. One Million+ Drivers.  

We set out to design an app that’s intuitive and easy-to-use for people everywhere — from Manhattan to Mumbai. Intelligently simple design and iconography work seamlessly with nearly 50 different language settings to provide a unified yet highly-personalized experience across cultures, contexts and countries: seventy-two to be exact.

Where Self-Starters Get Started.

When you open the app, a personalized feed provides a pulse of what’s going on in your city. No need to scroll through in an inbox or swipe from screen to screen for info; you have instant access to upcoming events, rotating pro-tips on how to deliver a 5-star experience, and a heat map with recommended areas for where you are likely to get your first trip and start making money.  

Everything you need to get from A to B

Accepting a trip is as easy as tapping your screen, and one push of a button will get you on your way. Turn-by-turn navigation within the app will get you to your rider’s pick-up location, with the option to call or text anonymously* if the need arises. Start the trip and use Uber’s in-app navigation to get you and your rider from A to B.

In-App, Ad-Free Music

With Pandora integrated directly into the Uber partner app, everything you need to play music, discover new artists and save stations is all in one place. There’s no need to bounce back and forth between apps or fiddle with the radio. All you need to start listening is right within your app. And with Pandora’s endless stations right at your fingertips, you won’t have to worry about ads, interruptions or repetitive songs.

Track Progress, Get Paid. Whenever You Want.  

You can track the money you’ve made giving rides in real time directly in the driver app. Earnings are broken down with a specific focus on your take-home amount so there are no surprises at payout — whether you’re willing to wait a week or want to cash out instantly to a personal debit card using our Instant Pay option. It’s up to you.

Refueling at Your Fingertips.

With Fuel Finder, you can find gas stations near you, see how much it will cost to fill-up, and use in-app navigation to get to the best option. Simply tap on the icons to display the name, price per gallon and distance to each station. Once you make your pick, the app will automatically provide turn-by-turn navigation to get you there quickly and easily.

Start and End the Day on Your Way

Driver Destinations is all about making it easier to fit work around your life — not the other way around. Twice a day, you can input your destination — say if you’re heading to work in the morning or going home after a long day — and Uber will only send you trip requests that are on your way.

Questions Answered, Within the App.

There will be times when trips don’t go quite as planned or you have a question you need answered. The easiest way to get in touch with Uber is to use the Help function in the app. With just a few taps, you can request a fare review, submit a cleaning fee, or get any other questions you might have answered by our 24/7 customer support.

Ready to get on the road? Download the Uber Driver App for iOS today.