We have rolled out features over the past few months for drivers with the goal of improving their overall experience. Today, we’re introducing additional features to ensure control and peace of mind, helping to keep all driver-partners safe before, during, and after every trip.

We believe that technology can help us lean into safety in new ways for our drivers, riders and for the hundreds of cities we passionately serve.

Driver Share My Trip

Today, we’re excited to roll out Driver Share My Trip as part of a series of technology-focused safety features that work to give drivers more control and peace of mind while behind the wheel. This feature is now live today in over 140 cities around the globe, and will roll out to all drivers around the globe by early fall.

The idea for Driver Share My Trip came directly from our efforts to listen more closely to our consumers’ needs, as we heard from drivers around the world that they’d sometimes like to be able to share their whereabouts with a friend or loved one when they’re out on the road.

Uber already offers a way for riders to share their trip status with their contacts, and today’s new Driver Share My Trip feature now allows drivers to share the information about their trip like where they are on the map. This is similar to the Share my ETA feature already used by riders.

Drivers are in control to start and stop sharing with their contacts as they’d like, and friends or loved ones can easily see a driver’s whereabouts on a map with quick-dial contact details and the driver’s license plate number.

Driver Share My Trip is just one example of how we’re working to help serve drivers better now and in the years to come. We also rolled out a two additional products to help enhance the safety of drivers on the app:

Rider Identification

Today we are also rolling out a new identification check in several countries that will require new riders without an electronic payment method on file to verify their Facebook account as an alternative way to verify their identity. This feature is particularly relevant for trips in some markets outside the United States where card penetration is lower. This builds on our rider and driver guidelines, star ratings, and feedback systems in the Uber app that help ensure the safety of our community.

New Insurance Offerings

All Uber rides are insured, and we continue to innovate with new insurance solutions around the world. In particular, we want drivers to have a low-cost option to protect themselves and their families against rare and unforeseen accidents that prevent them from working due to a covered accident.

Driver Injury Projection is an insurance option offered via Aon that provides benefits for lost income from disability, as well as survivor and accident medical benefits.  This new insurance offering was announced this summer and has since rolled out to drivers in more than 30 U.S. states. We look forward to continue to roll out innovative Uber-exclusive insurance solutions for drivers across the U.S and in markets around the world.

Whether you’re behind the wheel or sitting in the back seat of the car, we will continue to invest in technology and innovation to help ensure millions upon billions of safe and reliable trips for all our users from beginning to end.

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