From walking trails and lakes to patios and parks, the DFW community welcomes pets of all shapes and sizes. And with several local hotspots catering to the tail-wagging population, we want to help riders and their beloved animals get around town with style and ease.

You can now request uberPETS – a ride for all paws!

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At the touch of a button, you can request a vehicle equipped with all the essentials to transport your furry friend. In minutes, a car will arrive to take you and your pal where you need to go. Now that’s something to bark about!

Area superstar, Nelson the Goldendoodle, helped us kick off the launch as our Rider Zero, enjoying the first ever uberPETS trip. Even Nelson knows nothing is more woof-worthy than a reliable ride around town! Follow his adventure via @Uber_DFW Instagram.


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  • OPEN your Uber App
  • TAP the person icon on the top left, select ‘Promotions’
  • ENTER promo code ‘UBERPETSDFW’
  • SLIDE the button at the bottom of the screen and select the uberX option, UberPETS will appear as an option
  • REQUEST your UberPETS ride
  • RIDE around town with your best pal



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  • PAYING FOR PETS: uberPETS will be the same price as uberX. And the more you ride, the more likely the service will be here to stay
  • REQUESTING: When dropping your pin or entering your pickup address, ensure you’re in an area where your driver has room to safely pull over in order to get your furry friend in the vehicle
  • THROW US A BONE: During this launch period, we will have a limited supply of uberPETS driver-partners. The best reliability will be in our core uptown/downtown Dallas service area – but don’t give up! We’re working to make sure this service is paws-able all over the metroplex
  • STAY OUT OF THE DOG HOUSE: Please check out our Terms of Service before you and your pals embark on your next adventure
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Whether you and Fido are going to the local dog park or a monthly grooming appointment, uberPETS has you covered. Get out, dig around DFW, and start enjoying uberPETS today!

*All uberX drivers are still required by law to transport registered service animals. All requests must include a pet on-board.