Any person who bikes will tell you that getting around San Francisco can be tough — and not just because of the steep hills. The city’s busy and congested roads are a real safety concern for people on bicycles. At Uber, we’re committed to making sure the streets of our hometown are as safe as possible for people in cars, on foot and on bicycles alike.

We’ve partnered with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition to bring you tips on how to share the road when riding with Uber.

Check before you request
When you’re request a pickup on a street with a bike lane, be sure your driver has sufficient curb space to pull over. Or, walk to an adjacent side street before requesting a ride. Not only is it illegal for vehicles to stop in the bike lane, you’ll also help keep people on bikes safe.

Prepare for pickup
Avoid standing in bike lanes, corners, and crosswalks while waiting for your ride. Although it’s tempting to watch your phone to see when your ride is arriving, stay alert when entering the street to ensure you don’t collide with another person walking, biking or driving.

Be aware of bike lanes
When you’re getting dropped off on a street with a bike lane, ask your driver to look for open curb space or offer to be dropped off on an adjacent side street.

Look twice before exiting
Look back before exiting your vehicle. Exit on the side closer to the curb to avoid colliding with people on bikes that may be passing the vehicle on the traffic side. When exiting on a street with a separated or protected bike lane, step into the white-painted “buffer” area or concrete curb. Cross to the sidewalk only when the bike lane is free of traffic.

By incorporating these little actions into your everyday habits, you can help make a big impact!

Want to learn more? Check out the videos we created to help drivers keep the streets safe!

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