Drivers and delivery people are providing essential services around the world, from helping essential workers get around to delivering meals to people staying home. As they help our communities through this crisis, helping them stay safe is our priority.

Last week, we began shipping disinfectant sprays to some drivers. And beginning this week, we are distributing millions of ear-loop face masks to active drivers and delivery people around the world. 

On Tuesday, we shipped our first order of masks to drivers in New York City, and we are receiving a shipment of nearly half a million more which we will immediately send to drivers in the hardest hit US cities. We will also be urging riders to wear face coverings, in line with the Centers for Disease Control’s latest guidance.

We’ve ordered tens of millions more masks and expect them to arrive in other cities and regions around the world in the coming weeks. Supplies are limited and healthcare needs will always take priority, so global shipments will take time. 

We are sourcing these masks from outside of the traditional healthcare supply chains. For example, one of our first major orders is with a company that typically makes electronics and is now producing ear-loop face masks to help meet global demand. Uber is also donating all of the N95 masks, which are in short supply for health care workers, stored in our offices to local hospitals.

COVID-19 Resources

This week, we’re also launching an in-app COVID-19 Resources hub for drivers and delivery people, where they can find the latest safety information and other resources for driving and delivering during this unprecedented period.

The hub will be available globally and be the go-to spot in the latest version of the Driver app for safety tips, help with applying for financial relief from your local government if you’re eligible, and information on additional earning opportunities.

As the situation evolves, we will be updating the COVID-19 Resources hub with the latest guidance from health authorities and information from Uber. 

We are committed to supporting our communities through these incredibly challenging times. Last week, Uber announced 10 million rides and food deliveries to healthcare workers, seniors, and people in need, free of charge around the world.