On Friday, President Trump signed into law a historic relief package to help Americans during the coronavirus crisis. As Congress debated this legislation, we had one priority: ensuring independent workers who drive or deliver with Uber or Uber Eats would get the same benefits and protections as employees under the relief package.

We’re glad that the final law offers that protection. For the first time ever, our country has extended unemployment insurance to independent contractors. We know how much drivers and delivery people are counting on this aid and how essential they have been in this crisis—helping get food to those staying home, and providing transportation to those providing essential services. We were joined by leaders on both sides of the aisle in this pursuit.

We have sent information to drivers and delivery people, and here’s what the relief package means for gig economy workers: 

  • For all Americans who have lost their jobs or ability to work due to COVID-19, including independent workers like drivers, the legislation includes 39 weeks of expanded unemployment insurance and additional payments of $600 per week through July 31. 
  • The bill also directs tax rebate checks of $1,200 per person for those making up to $75,000. 
  • Finally, it authorizes new types of small business loans available to self employed individuals to help to cover expenses, such as auto loan payments. 

This has been a time of great challenges for all, including drivers who depend on busy, moving cities to earn a living; and delivery people trying to get food to more people staying home. 

The relief package was an important first step, but it is just that: a first step. We will continue to advocate for independent workers, including pursuing new laws that permit us to provide benefits and protections while maintaining a worker’s preference for independence and flexibility going forward.