Sometimes, 5 stars just isn’t enough.

That’s why riders often leave notes in the app letting their driver know what he or she did to make their journey that much more enjoyable. Sometimes the small thingslike playing the perfect song at the right time or lending a hand with a heavy piece of luggagecan make a big difference. We want to make sure that message gets through.

Starting this week, we’re making it easier for riders to thank drivers for the things they doㄧbig and smallㄧto make the ride memorable. When a rider leaves a complimentㄧsay for expertly navigating winding city streets or striking up a conversation that brightened their moodㄧa notification will show up on the driver’s home screen letting them know what they did to make a rider’s day.



It is Thanksgiving week after all—a time to be, well, thankful. We want to give riders the opportunity to thank and recognize drivers for the things they do to make the experience more memorable and fun. It’s a small step we’re taking to make saying thank you easier for riders and to celebrate drivers like Vickie, Alejandro and Habtamu who go the extra mile in their own special ways.

Because sometimes the little things make all the difference, and 5 stars doesn’t quite cut it. We get that, and while we know there’s always more we can do to improve the driving experience, we figured what better time than now to make it easier to say “thank you” to the drivers who help us get from A to B every day.