The Uber app was built to expand access to accountable, reliable transportation options for all, including riders with visual impairments and other disabilities. We are committed to continuing to build solutions that support everyone’s ability to easily move around their communities.

In partnership with organizations like the National Federation of the Blind and LightHouse for the Blind in San Francisco we are dedicated to seeking feedback from the blind and visually impaired community.

“Uber has worked with the Lighthouse for the Blind in San Francisco to engage the blind and low-vision community on emerging technology and services. This collaboration is key to a future where innovations open up opportunities for all.”

Bryan Bashin, Executive Director / CEO at LightHouse for the Blind in San Francisco

With service in over 300 cities around the world, Uber is enabling many people in the blind and low vision community to find more independence in their commute to work, while running daily errands, or visiting with loved ones. According to Mike May, an advocate for the blind and visually impaired and technology consultant to Uber, “Uber is the single best advancement for the mobility of blind people in the past decade.” Mike has used Uber in 4 countries and over 10 cities with his service dog, Tank. As a technologist and blind rider, his insights have proven invaluable to the Uber product team.

“I work closely with Uber as a technology consultant to test their VoiceOver iOS compatibility and enhance the Uber experience for riders who are blind or visually impaired. As a blind rider, I know what a game changer Uber has been for many people. My goal working with Uber is to help ensure that the technology continues to be a great transportation option for the blind and low vision community.”

Mike May, CEO of Sendero Group, Technology Consultant to Uber Technologies

Uber App’s VoiceOver iOS feature

With VoiceOver iOS compatibility, the Uber app provides convenient accessible transportation for people who are blind or visually impaired. Riders can enable VoiceOver by using the triple-tap or Siri shortcuts by tapping through to the General > Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver option.

VoiceOver can be used in connection with a supported wireless braille display, and is available in all Uber cities and languages.

Listen to Mike May’s podcast on how to use the Uber App’s VoiceOver iOS feature.