Things can get pretty weird at Bay To Breakers, and we want to take you there. Literally. There are two ways to get the hook-up from Uber this Sunday.


That’s right, LIVE NUDES RIDE FREE. If you take it off for the race, we’ll take it off for a ride. Has travel ever been this liberating?  Come as you are, just remember to do the following…

1.#Represent: Decorate your lovely body with an Uber logo, send it in, and get ride credits for a future ride.

2.#Respect: Bring your own towel (BYOT). No bare asses on the plush leather seats! Please get your clothes on before you Uber!

3.#PicsOrItDidntHappen: Drivers don’t share exploits, so please send photographic proof to:

Runners Receive $10 off

The full-frontal flash sale is just ONE way to champion Bay To Breakers with Uber. For those participating in the race, but not baring it all (hey, #chafingsucks) we respect that and honor your dedication. So, we’re giving $10 off all rides from anywhere in the city to the starting line, if you arrive by the time the race starts (7:00 a.m.). Uber drivers will pick you up and drop you in style so that your head is in the right place to take home the B2B trophy…is there really a trophy?

Note: The deal expires at 7:00 a.m…This is an Early Bird special guaranteed to make you feel like a champion from your door step to the finish line.

Stretch limos on-duty

San Francisco is going to look a little more like a rap video on Sunday as we’re unleashing stretch limos in full-force. There will be plenty of room to distance yourself from your NUDE friends — or join them. #Fact: limos are the ideal environment to embrace the nudist lifestyle.