We scoured Santa Barbara for some of the finest eateries, and ended up at The Shop Cafe. Why you ask? Well with items like Just-in-yo-face on the breakfast menu, how could we not call this place home? The Shop is so delicious, they’ve offered to give all Uber riders 15% off the bill from July 11th – July 25th, all you have to do is show them your receipt!


They’ve put together a list of recommended dishes for you– so read closely and let those salivary glands do their thang.


Just-in-yo-face: House cured salmon over thick grilled shop toast, fried capers, dill creme fraiche and topped with two poached eggs. You should want a bright delicate balanced dish. This dish was created by a local chef named Justin West.photo (1)


Yolo: A rich home made sausage gravy, grilled buttermilk biscuits and a big price of fried chicken. You should try this dish when you are looking for something serious to heal your soul, You. Only. Live. Once.IMG_0099


Just the tip: Grilled marinated tri-tip melted onion marmalade, sharp cheddar cheese with a wasabi creme dip. It will be by far the best steak sando you ever had. When the tip is all you need, tri-tip steak that is, it’s best to keep it simple.