While Uber gives you the flexibility to stop and start work whenever you want, one of the biggest challenges drivers face is being able to refuel, regroup and find a bathroom when they choose to stop for a rest. That’s why we are rolling out a new in-app feature that allows drivers to “pause” incoming trip requests, find a restroom and save on gas through GetUpside. This feature will also roll out to delivery people in the coming weeks.

Now, with a tap of a button in the Uber app, drivers can pause trip requests and navigate to nearby gas stations where they can save up to 25¢ per gallon through cash back from GetUpside. We know this is critical for drivers in the US where gas prices are rising and is a top expense for many.

This new feature also helps drivers find public restrooms – powered by GasBuddy.

When drivers want to receive trip requests again, all they need to do is tap Resume. With the ease and convenience of being able to take a rest directly in the Uber app, we’re helping drivers make sure that they have time for themselves.

Uber is excited to partner with GetUpside and GasBuddy to directly display this information in-app for drivers across the country.

To access these discounts, take a moment to sign up for GetUpside.