When we beta-launched UBERx in February, we introduced Bostonians to a new era of transportation – faster, better and cheaper than a taxi. So today, we’re proud to announce that we’re taking UBERx out of the garage – and celebrating it with FREE UBERx WEEK! 

From Tuesday, June 4 at 7 AM to Thursday, June 6 at 8 PM, all UBERx rides in Boston are free. Your summer is arriving now!

Here’s the fine print and some pro tips:

  • Request through UBERx and the promotion will automatically apply.
  • This promotion does not apply to UberBlack, SUV, or TAXI.
  • FREE UBERx WEEK covers local rides up to $20. Believe us – at these rates, $20 will get you far.
  • We’re expecting pretty high demand for free UBERx, so please be patient with us, particularly during peak times (7-10am and 4-7pm). If you’re in a rush and don’t see any UBERx available, give Black or TAXI a shot!

So what is UBERx, anyway?

If you’ve yet to meet the newest member of the Uber family, UBERx is our low cost option – faster, better, and cheaper than a taxi. UBERx vehicles are hybrid and mid-range cars in a variety of colors with seating for up to four people – think Toyota Priuses and Honda Accords.

With the growing population of ridesharing in Boston, we’re also going to start testing ridesharing on UBERx, making even more drivers available by partnering with people just like you. All of these drivers pass Uber’s rigorous screening, including a background check, an in-person screening, a city knowledge exam, and ongoing quality control. From your perspective, nothing should change – except for more cars on the road and shorter wait times!

So go ahead… shout it from the rooftops – FREE UBERx WEEK begins now!

It might be too hard to contain your excitement – so go ahead and let it out! Tweet your friends, tell your mom, email your grandma, and shout to the mailman about FREE UBERx WEEK! You can give the gift of FREE to all of your friends. We know they will thank you!