After two years of only alfresco dining and zoom baby showers, you’re finally having friends over to binge watch TV, and hosting colleagues for IRL meetups. Yay! But what to order that the group will love? Catering can be a hassle, and knowing everyone’s preferences after months apart is impossible. 

Now, with a new suite of Uber Eats Group Ordering features, everyone can get what they want straight to your doorstep, effortlessly.  

Bill splitting: We know that Uber Eats consumers love bringing people together. We also know that they don’t like the financial responsibility of ordering for everyone. We get it. Now, for the first-time ever on a delivery app, anyone can create a group and allow individuals to order from the same restaurant and pay for whatever they’d like. Once everyone has placed their individual orders, those orders are added to the group cart for you (the host) to checkout. Then sit back and relax. All of the food for the group will arrive at the same time, so you can enjoy your meals together!

Deadlines: Once you’ve created a group order, you can set a checkout deadline that works best for your crew. Deadlines can be set up to seven days in advance, so everyone has plenty of time to get their order in. Auto-reminders: Say goodbye to constantly bugging people to place their order. We’ve got your back—! reminding everyone to get their orders in on time, so you don’t have to.

Whether you’re ordering lunch for an office of hungry team members, or planning your next Taco Tuesday with friends who have a variety of tastes, Uber’s new Group Ordering features are here to help make getting together for meals easier than ever.

Try it on or in the Uber Eats app.