This Mother’s Day, Uber Austin went behind the wheel with some awesome #UberMoms, who also happen to be hard-working Uber Partners. Read on to learn why Uber is the perfect fit for their busy, family-oriented lives.

Rebekah | Uber Partner, Mom of 2

“Uber has allowed me to support my family in many ways.”

Rebekah, a vibrant mother of two, is studying for her associates degree in surgical technology and is partnering with Uber to make that dream happen! Rebekah loves the flexible hours, the ability to be at her children’s beck and call, and the financial stability that driving as an Uber partner provides for her family. Her 11-year-old son, Aizik, and soon to be 9-year-old daughter, Echo, are extremely involved in her Uber life! Fun fact: Echo loves to help wash and detail her mom’s car on the weekends to keep it in tip top shape! We are extremely proud to have this #UberMom as a partner, and we wish her the best of luck in her last three semesters of school!

 Ligia | Uber Partner, Mom of 1

“We are truly an Uber family.”

Ligia has been an Uber partner in Austin for eight months now, and enjoys each and every minute of it! Ligia moved to Austin to start a new chapter of life with her daughter, and when she unfortunately lost her new job, she turned to Uber. Her ex-husband, who drives as an Uber partner in the tri-state area, recommended Uber so that she and her daughter could stay in Austin and make the most of their new home. Her 17-year-old daughter, Rachel, will be graduating from high school next year and applying to The University of Texas! Ligia is grateful to be a part of the “Uber family” and says that, “when one door closed, another one opened thanks to Uber.” Thank you, Ligia, for all you do as an #UberMom!

Carolyn | Uber Partner, Mom of 12

“I wanted to start working again, after years of being a stay at home Mom.”

Carolyn, a proud mother of twelve kids, just recently became an #UberMom three weeks ago. After years of being a stay-at-home mom, Carolyn’s nephew, who is also an Uber partner, recommended driving. Carolyn enjoys the independence and flexibility the platform provides, especially when she can head home for an afternoon nap in-between trips. In her free time, she supports her two sons who are starting gospel music careers, spends time with her grandchildren, and wins just about every level possible in Candy Crush!



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