On Tuesday, June 9th, Uber invited our Dorchester and Roxbury driver-partners to join us as we celebrated them and their achievements over the last three years. We were lucky enough to be joined by hundreds of partners to help us enjoy some delicious food, connect with old friends, and hear more about Uber’s impact on the community.

One of the partners we were fortunate to see at the event was Ranalda, who drives with uberX part-time, while also working at her South Boston startup incubator, FishTank E-Collab. We were able to catch-up with Ranalda again this week to learn more about her, and what brought her to Uber.

How long have you been an Uber Partner?
I have been an Uber partner for a few months, since April.

Why do you partner with Uber?
I partner with Uber because it has a good reputation, and it was suggested to me by a few people whom I trust. I really appreciate the schedule flexibility, and the potential to make decent money.

What are your favorite Places in Boston to recommend to riders?
My favorite places in Boston to recommend to riders are almost too many to count! Of course all the popular ones: Seaport District, Faneuil Hall, Boston Commons, the Theater District, Copley Square, Newbury Street, Beacon Hill (tons of gems around there), The Prudential, and then there are tons of gems in specific neighborhoods/communities. In all honesty, I would say over 90% of my riders are locals. They are going to work, the airport, to dinner, to an event, etc.

What are you currently working on when you’re not driving on Uber?
When I am not driving for Uber, I am currently developing my Women’s Entrepreneur Group, and my company FishTank E-COLLAB, which aims to incubate small businesses in the underserved areas of Boston by offering expertise and support services.

How have you seen Uber change your community?
Uber adds to the community: building relationships, partnerships, employment opportunity, convenience, work from home, and easy access for riders. I loved the fact that you held your appreciation day at Hibernian Hall a few weeks ago. That was significant.

Any advice for women who are thinking about partnering with Uber but have yet to take their first trip?
Despite being nervous at first, I quickly came to enjoy picking up riders and watching the cash add-up so much, it almost became addictive! The advice I have for women who are thinking about partnering with Uber, is to give me a call!