A Marine veteran, nuclear security officer, and Massachusetts driver-partner, Andrew Shedden is on a mission to help his riders through casual conversation and confident driving. He served in the United States Marine Corps for five years as an intelligence specialist and now works at a nuclear power plant. Living in Beverly with his wife and two daughters, Andrew drives to relax, meet new people, and make money on the side.

As a Marine intelligence specialist, he was responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information about enemy plans to inform operations. Speaking in front of large crowds and top-ranking Marines tapped into Andrew’s outgoing nature and honed his public speaking skills. This training now helps him in his interactions with riders.

“My military experience taught me to be confident interacting with all types of people and helps me spark conversations with my riders.”

Andrew Shedden in Car

He continues to enjoy the camaraderie of the military community and stays in touch with his fellow Marine veterans. Reflecting on his two tours in Iraq, Andrew is particularly proud of a late-night convoy briefing. When the convoy returned from the mission, they told him they had never received a more detailed and accurate briefing. “My briefing gave the convoy a 30-second start on the enemy’s attack. The moment the firing started, they knew what was coming.”

Andrew thrives on his conversations with riders. “I love finding out their stories and learning something about everyone.” One of his favorite trips was with a rider preparing to apply for college. The rider was concerned about the impending costs, so Andrew recommended a few scholarship programs and shared about his military experience. “After going offline, I kept talking to him for about 15 minutes. It was great because I could actually help him out.”

And Andrew sure doesn’t shy away from having fun on the road! When driving on Halloween, he dressed up as Batman to the delight of Salem riders. Unsurprisingly, his riders frequently ask, “Is there any way I can get you again?” Andrew shared, “I don’t treat driving as a job. I treat it like I’m picking up friends.”