Remember the old days when food delivery required a phone call, a trip to the ATM, a trusty drawer full of chopsticks and ketchup packets, and then waiting – seemingly forever – for dinner to arrive? We launched the Uber Eats App in 2015 to help you order your favorite dishes to your doorstep effortlessly. With the tap of a button, we eliminated the guesswork and made it easier to simply dig in. 

While we’ve come a long way, we’re just getting started. We’re always looking to make your experience of finding and enjoying food more convenient and more delightful, every time you open our app. We spent a lot of time talking to our hungriest users, so we know that while it’s convenient (and satisfying!) to place an order and track it every step of the way, actually finding food is time consuming, and at times, difficult. That’s why I’m excited to share that we have completely reimagined both the Uber Eats app and, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for—faster. 

The stakes are high around mealtime—you might be tired, stressed, anxious, or hangry. This makes every touch point within the new Uber Eats app even more important, and over the coming weeks your Uber Eats experience will look and feel a lot different: 

Easy-to-find shortcuts to cuisines and new merchants. Shortcuts give you instant access to your favorite cuisines and new merchants like grocery stores, butchers, flower shops, pet supply stores, and more.

Pickup map with even more information about local spots. Find restaurants offering pickup without the fuss… visual cues on the map make it easy to find your go-to spots, local deals, and see all nearby restaurants by rating.

Order again from your favorites. The more you order, the more tailored our recommendations, so you’ll spend less time choosing and more time eating. And now, it’s dead simple to reorder your favorite meals with the tap of a button.

Discover new restaurants and hidden gems without endless scrolling. When you’re looking to discover a new favorite, you’ll see curated picks for you, like Hidden Gems in your neighborhood, and Family Favorites with food bundles to feed the entire crew.

Place multiple orders at the same time. With group ordering, multiple people can now add items at the same time into a single cart. No more passing the phone around the room or writing down everyone’s order ahead of time!

See what people are ordering right now from restaurants near you. Get inspired and maybe even find a new gem to add to your rotation!

Finding food and other day-to-day essentials with Uber Eats should be the easiest part of your day. We hope the new Eats experience won’t just make the experience of finding your next meal better than before, but bring you closer to other things you need, all in one place.