From providing accurate ETAs to navigating the fastest path to your destination, maps are at the heart of the Uber experience. Today, we’re excited to introduce a redesigned navigation experience built around drivers’ needs. We’ve completely revamped navigation on iOS and are introducing in-app navigation on Android for the first time. Now, with one-tap, turn-by-turn directions start right away, saving time and eliminating the need to juggle multiple apps.

When you’re driving with Uber, navigation means more than just getting from point A to point B. For example, upon arriving at a pickup point, drivers then have to find their riders — right down to what side of the street they’re on. In the case of an UberEATS delivery, drivers may need to get to a designated parking spot to complete the order. With in-app navigation, all these different experiences are able to transition together much more seamlessly. Moreover, reducing the need to toggle multiple apps ties to our efforts around safety and distracted driving.

As we started rebuilding our navigation, we focused on features to help drivers feel prepared throughout their trip. These included navigation basics such as lane guidance, compound maneuvers, and real-time traffic. We also introduced night-time themed maps to help give drivers’ eyes a break from harsh light during the evenings.

Lastly, we took it a step further with helping drivers feel prepared with features such as Route Preview, which displays the first turn after a pickup or dropoff to ease trip transitions.

Drivers can still choose to use their preferred navigation provider. Our goal is to be drivers’ first choice when driving with Uber. This update is just the first step and we have a lot of work ahead of us. We will continue to seek feedback from drivers towards creating a more seamless experience that enables more reliable trips for everyone, everywhere.