At Uber Eats, we know there’s no better feeling than having your order arrive just as you’d envisioned. That’s why we’re focused on giving you the opportunity to specify whatever it is you may be craving – even if that hankering is somewhat surprising. 

With hundreds of cuisines across more than 6,000 cities around the world, and the option to tailor each dish to your liking, the combinations and customizations are endless. And we’re glad our eaters get creative when it comes to satisfying their cravings. 

The second annual Uber Eats Cravings Report is a snapshot of the most popular, the most surprising, and some of the most unique delivery requests from the last twelve months. And this year, we’re highlighting what folks fancied in quarantine: from extra sauce to “sweet pork pillow” dumplings. See below for the full results!

The most popular delivery requests in the US:

  1. No onion
  2. Extra sauce
  3. No tomatoes
  4. Crispy
  5. Side of ranch 
  6. Dressing on the side
  7. Extra spicy
  8. Well done
  9. Light ice
  10. Extra ketchup

Over the last few months, we’ve seen some quarantine trends that might surprise you…

  • Picky eaters. Eaters in Connecticut, Georgia, New Jersey, Tennessee and Nevada seem to be the pickiest – these states are most often adding special instructions to their orders while people in Delaware, Vermont, Wyoming, Utah and North Dakota may be more laid back. They hardly ever add special instructions!
  • Manners matter! The most polite states are Montana, Vermont, Oregon, Idaho and Washington – they say “please” and “thank you” the most in their instructions.
  • Quarantine cravings. During quarantine, requests for “extra sauce,” “sauce on the side,” “no onion,” and “no cucumber” increased the most. Requests for “no bacon,” “extra crispy”, and “dressing on the side” decreased.
  • Acts of kindness. One man in Delaware contributed to restaurants 97 times with the instructions: “hi there, this is just a donation, simply accept the order accept the tip! Thank you for your hard work, especially during these difficult times. Have a nice day ?”
  • Absolutely not. The most popular “no” items include: no onions, no tomatoes, no pickles, no ice, and no jalapeños.
  • You’re so extra. The most popular “extra” items include: extra sauce, extra ranch, extra cheese, extra spicy and extra honey mustard.

The most popular food & request combos:

  1. Tacos + lime
  2. French fries + salt
  3. Chicken sandwich + extra mayo
  4. Wings + Ranch
  5. Cheeseburger + side pickle
  6. Chicken nuggets + spicy buffalo sauce
  7. Breakfast sandwich + add butter
  8. Burrito + Pinto beans
  9. Ramen + soft boiled egg
  10. Poke bowl + seaweed salad

The most unexpected food & request combos:

  1. Pizza + Ketchup
  2. Fish + American cheese
  3. Chicken + Strawberries
  4. Poke bowl + corn
  5. Rice + white sauce
  6. Burger + chickpeas
  7. Green olives + honey mustard
  8. White rice + apple sauce
  9. Edamame + hummus
  10. Chicken hibachi + Matzoh balls

The most unique delivery requests:

The Grateful Foodies  

  • I ordered from y’all last night and asked you to put a bunch of cheese on my tots. You satisfied my munchies like never before. I would appreciate it if you could do the same tonight. Honestly the main reason I’m ordering from y’all 2 nights in a row is to thank whoever did that last night (and hoping you work tonight as well). You’re a wonderful human being and don’t let anyone else tell you differently. Tell your boss you need a raise for going above and beyond for a customer.
  • A bunch of banana peppers on the sandwich, And a side cup of banana peppers on the side. I hope you guys have an amazingly wonderful day. I’m stuck at work too and I know it sucks but we gotta chase that bag, ya dig?? If you’re feeling like it, you couuulllddd upgrade my sandwich to the next size up. Love you guys and thank you for everything you do. Have a great rest of your day and enjoy your night 😉
  • MERRY CHRISTMAS & I want to thank you guys for ALWAYS preparing a great meal for my 94-year-old Mother. She is in a nursing home and loves your food because it reminds her of how she use to cook. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALWAYS MAKING MY MOM HAPPY WITH YOUR MEALS! 
  • I appreciate you. And I’m gonna write you a bomb poem soon.
  • Hold the onions and bring on the Ricotta cheese! I hope you’re all having a great night, even with my team absolutely TANKING so far this season. Either way, keep kicking ass in the world of Pizza.

The Virtual Regulars:

  • I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t get enough. Today I’m going to have lunch and dinner from y’all – right now it’s lunch!! Please may I please (double please) have 3 side dressings of Citrus vinaigrette please y’all please 3 serving of Citrus vinaigrette thank u!!! And whomever prepares the salmon I just wanted to say I think you do an amazing job thank you the salmon is always fresh delicious and amazing!!!!! Thank u!!!!! I truly appreciate y’all!!!
  • Hello team! ♥️ I clicked on tofu cake for 2nd protein but can I get the tomago instead like I usually get it? If it’s available can I get the corn, yellow pickled turnip, cucumber, crab, seaweed?  Sauce ON Side.\n\nAnd as always if anything is not available no worries at all. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Happy Friday! Thank you again for the treats! We ate an entire bag last night! lol xoxoxo
  • Hey guys it’s me again, I’m back on my bs. I just wanna say you guys blew my mind with the last order, you truly are a blessed people. I was gonna eat healthy tonight but I thought to myself “you know what, this is a Popeyes night, man oh man I am on one.” I want you all to realize that you guys are straight killin it. K I l l I n I t. Just killed the poultry rap game zest. 
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BREAKFAST SPOT IN PHILLY!!! I have never had the honor of meeting you guys, but I am beyond grateful for the consistency and quality. I genuinely hope that each of you enter this new decade with a renewed sense of hope, excitement for your futures both as a team and individually, and praying that an overwhelming abundance of life and joy and wealth in all of its forms showers each of you today, and every day.
  • Love y’all. Wait omg please throw in an extra side of MOLE SAUCE. If you’re in a good mood an extra side of crema would be chill too but if not I understand. Make love not violence. LoveUx3
  • Hello! It’s me again (Peter Parker), apparently Aunt May forgot to leave the keys to the car so it’s Uber Eats again! Don’t wanna swing around while my attire is at the dry cleaners. I once again need some fuel. So here’s to you guys working hard keeping every one fed. Cheers, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. 

You’re So Extra:

  • Please be a homie and leave A TON of ketchup on the side. Like, a ton. A whole ton! I need a lot a lot a lot so please do a lot. Your pizza is wicked rad I would still eat it without but I just need that ketchup if u feel me. Without ketchup the pizza has no feeling, no Panash. So dawg, do me a favor and do that. Let’s get this pizza rollen homie.
  • Need oxtail gravy please. PLEASE.
  • Double honey mustard thank YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • May I please have extra sauce? Thank you so much, you guys always make my day when you add the extras in there. It seems like such a small thing, but it genuinely is very kind of you to read these and put in the effort. I hope you have a great day. And now, a joke! A man walks into the librarian and asks her, “Where are the books on paranoia?” She turns and cries out “They’re right behind you!”
  • I know this is annoying and a lot, but I do use all these sauces for the burger. I’d like: 2 sweet chili, 1 bbq sauce, 1 tahini sauce, 1 pickled lemon aioli sauce, 1 chimichurri sauce, 2 garlic mayo sauce. I’ll pay extra if needed. Thank you. I know I’m a pain. If possible as well, pickles & lettuce on the side. Thank you :)) 
  • Please Go Light On The Mayonnaise, I Love Mayonnaise But In Moderation And Please Extra Pickles My Precious Dear Friends. God Bless You To My Precious Favorite Jack In The Box God Bless You All And All Of Your Guy’s Sweet Precious Family n Friend’s And To Uber Eats Employees And To Our Driver I Pray God Blesses And Protects Watches Over You My Precious Uber Eats Driver.
  • hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot !! Thai spicy #10 !! extra extra extra extra extra spicy spicy !! 
  • To whomever beautiful soul reads this note, I hope you are having a pleasant day. What would truly make my wildest dreams come true is if my sides on this order could be changed to corn instead of slaw and potatoes instead of fries. I will be so happy with glee to see these sides! 

The Hopeless Romantics:

  • Important notice: I am stuck in London and I couldn’t get married to my fiancé today due to the pandemic. If you can write on the cheesecake: ”Happy Anniversary! I forever love and choose you! Can’t wait to marry you!”
  • Please pack a 1 dozen assorted box of cookies and write this note on the box: “Your strongest days are ahead of you, your best looking days are ahead of you, your wisest days are ahead of you, your most shirtless games of Spike Ball are ahead of you.”
  • Can you please write a note that says: “You’re the most amazing girlfriend ever. I’m sorry for being the worst boyfriend. My team lost. I owe you a date. I love you.”
  • ? it’s our first day of Marriage living together with my wife, would love to surprise her ? I would be grateful for life if you bring her a smile. Some Ideas: 1. Heart shape toast 2. Writing on a napkin “I love you wife. Today. Tomorrow. Always. Forever. 3. Anything with the infinity ♾ sign is perfect 
  • Draw a heart on top of the crepe with Nutella. Put only one slice of strawberry on top and rest of strawberries inside. Just make it pretty and if possible, include a little handwritten note saying “You are THE strawberry on the top 🙂 love u”
  • I would really appreciate it if you could draw a spoon on a piece of paper or napkin to go with the cupcakes, and write the word “spoon”. The order is a gift and the image of a “spoon” has sentimental value.
  • Please no whipped cream on the milkshake 🙂 I love my Five Guys like I love my wife – INTENSELY! 
  • Please add extra bacon and a horchata. This is Kyle. Me and my girlfriend had a big falling out, and it’s been about a month since we talked. We started talking a bit again. This is me trying to show her I still care, and I am hoping to build things back up. Please just write that I care for her, and I want to begin rebuilding a friendship. I’m sorry for what happened. I will be in Cali in two weeks.
  • My ex girlfriend of 4 years and I broke up 3 days ago and she just failed her exam today, ran into a pole, and got fired today. She has not eaten anything today, some extra chicken would really go a long way. Please write “Everything will be okay just eat and sleep -William” on a napkin. I’m sorry for this strange request I will come back and tip whoever is reading this 20 dollars just text me your name. 

The Poets

  • From the day we arrive on the planet, blinking, step into the sun, there’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done.  There’s far too much to take in here, more to find than can ever be found. But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky, keeps great and small on the endless round. It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all. Through despair and hope, through faith and love, till we find our place on the path unwinding! In the circle, the circle of life.
  • Yo it’s your boy, B’lake 🙂 Gimme gimme chicken tendies, be they crispy or from Wendys. Spend my hard-earned good-boy points, non Kid’s Meal ball pit burger joints. Hunger lifts me to the car, To find me tendies near and far. Enjoy my tasty tendie treats, in comfy luxury Car Seats. I need my tendies and I need them now!
  • Please, for the love of all that is holy, load up this plate. Let the wings and sauces flow freely, and let the blue cheese work it’s cooling magic omnisciently. After this glorious meal, I’ll return to the misery of our capitalist journey and savor the memories. You are all heroes in my eyes.

The Quarantine Musings:

  • Look I’m stuck at home and have been quarantined for days and I’m losing it – is it possible to get an extra shot of mocha w this?
  • I’ve been CRAVING a chocolate milkshake like crazy! I want the milkshake base to be vanilla, Yum! And then I want it to have a chocolate taste to it. That’s the best of both worlds I guess.. chocolate and vanilla 🙂 It will be rich and delicious of course! 
  • no scallions please. you see, scallions and the texture of onions in general may give me heart palpitations. they bring up bad childhood memories. sitting around the dinner table being forced to sit for hours on end until the very last onion type appendage slithered it’s way off my plate and seemingly placed itself in my throat. if you ask me, which you didn’t but I’m bored in self isolation, whoever decided to eat something that makes you cry when you cut it, wanted us all to keel over. anyways, thank you.
  • This is just one human reaching out to another human in the middle of a pandemic sayin, please gimme a bit more of that lovely, red delicious, marinara sauce, pretty please?
  • hey! this cake is for my best friend’s “sweet 16,” she has to celebrate her birthday in a socially distanced way so i wanted to send her a little treat. thanks so much, stay healthy, i really appreciate having a business like yours that’s a pillar of the neighborhood.
  • Just make my apocalyptic dreams come true. 
  • Yo yo yo, hope y’all are well and healthy. I’m loving this quarantined life. Thanks for being available in a pandemic I’ll be sure to leave a sparkling review! You guys take care and remember don’t breathe on thy neighbor.
  • The truth is I just need these delicious morsels in my life. Those sweet pork pillows. The red oil dumplings are calling my name: and I’m here to answer the call. 
  • Please put extra sauce ON the pizza – thank you for the call last week and so sorry I missed you. This is my weekly order and we are SUPER tipsy due to the stress of coronavirus – WHAT A WEEK!!! – and shouldn’t drive, so if you could also please put garlic oil on the crust, we would love it. Stay safe and HEALTHY and hang in there.

The Perfectionists

  • PLEASE NOTE: I’m requesting ? French fries are well done, CRISPY and golden, not soggy!!! I’m also seeking that the fried fish ?is fresh and seasoned. Please don’t over fry nor under fry, and no small Fish pieces please. If need be put vent holes  ? in container of food so that the fried meal will not become soggy and remain crispy!!! Kindly DO NOT FORGET my Mountain Dew soda that comes along with the meal!!! 
  • If you don’t butter the biscuit before grilling it, would you mind doing it? I apologize for the special ordering, I know it can be a pain in the azz. I will pay extra.
  • I want the skirt steak well done and I don’t want it dry. I want it well marinated. If it’s too dry or not well cooked I can’t have it. I want it oily and really brown like a grilled one.
  • plz add as much vanilla syrup as possible – 10-15 pumps – to make it nice and sweet i want it rich and creamy and not to taste like bitter coffee. should be light in color, don’t want it tasting just like milk, NO ICE.
  • Greetings! I’m looking to have a very great experience ordering with you today. I’m expecting the meal to come looking just like the picture in the app. The salad ? is a big deal to me so please do the best you can. Make it great for me PLEASE!!!! ?
  • I would like “Triple Threat” buffalo Chicken Sandwich… light on the garlic please. I would like extra ranch dressing and add cheese to the lettuce and tomato please.  Soooooooo,  please make it this way…. I am pregnant and have a craving for something different and specific.  Thank you so much from the both us.  Oh and can we have extra Ketchup for our onion rings? Like extra extra please…maybe?
  • Yo man load it up no holding back, you gonna let that sandwich come at you like that? Show that sandwich who is boss by loading it up man! Throw that bacon at it, hit it with that pepperoni man! It still wants some? give it the “HAM”MER load that ham up!! Drown the sauce then shove it in that oven so it can think about what it did!!! you’ve won! you showed that sandwich who is in charge give yourself a round of applause. 

Delivery Requests by the Day

  • On Mondays, we see a spike in requests for “no ice.” 
  • And Tuesdays are a popular day to request “sauce on the side.” 
  • On Wednesdays, customers prefer dishes without tomato or any vegetables at all.
  • On Thursdays, it’s “no pickle” and “a soda,” please!
  • On Fridays, customers like it hot! We see folks request “spicy” most on Fridays. And while they want extra cheese and extra ranch, they really don’t want onions or mayo. 
  • On Saturdays, it’s sauce day. We see the most requests for “extra sauce” – whatever that sauce may be. It’s also the most popular day to request food cooked “well done,” and sans sour cream.
  • And self-care Sundays might just be a thing of the past… We see a big spike in people requesting their food “extra crispy,” and with “no mushrooms.”

Popular delivery requests by state:


Delivery Request


Delivery Request


Extra Yum Yum sauce


No olives


No guacamole


No veggies


Add chicken


No salsa


No pico de gallo

New Hampshire



No guacamole

New Jersey

Salt pepper & ketchup


Extra dressing

New Mexico

Easy ice


No cucumber 

New York



Extra dressing

North Carolina

Extra white sauce



North Dakota

Extra sour cream


All rice


Light sauce


Add onion


Add mustard




No bean sprouts


Extra lemon pepper


Salt & pepper


No pico

Rhode Island

Blue cheese


Extra fry sauce

South Carolina

Extra white sauce


Extra pickle


Sweet tea


No cilantro


Add cheese


Salt and vinegar


No guacamole


Extra sauce


Extra blue cheese


Well done


Extra mayo


Honey mustard


No salad


Medium spicy

West Virginia

2 ketchups


Extra hot sauce


Extra queso


Extra dressing


No jalapeños