In June we made a commitment to drivers: For 180 days (and beyond), we’d make meaningful changes to the driver experience based on what drivers asked for. We started with what drivers told us matters most: earnings, and then turned our focus to better support and more flexibility.

180 Days of Change is dedicated to making sure that every Uber trip is a good one. That’s why it wouldn’t be complete without improving uberPOOL. We heard two key things from drivers: earn more, stress less with uberPOOL.

In Chapter 4 of 180 Days, we’re getting to the heart of that feedback with new ways to earn and improvements that will make for better rides and rating on uberPOOL. You can learn more about the changes — designed to help drivers earn more and stress less with uberPOOL — here.

We have more work to do to deliver the uberPOOL experience drivers deserve. This chapter represents an exciting step forward in that effort, and we’ll be back next month with more changes designed to help drivers get more out of their experience and their time on the road.