Drivers have always come to Uber for work that is truly on their terms一work with no boss; work that fits around their lives; work that’s always available when they want it.

In Chapter 3 of 180 Days of Change, we’re announcing a powerful new set of features that make it even easier for drivers to choose when, where, and how they drive. We are doubling down on what’s made Uber the first choice for flexible work and making it even better. You can learn more about the changes we are making in Chapter 3 of 180 Days of Change here.

From more Driver Destinations to innovative “Arrival Time” settings that get you where you need to be when you need to be there, these features represent a big step forward for work that fits around your life. We want everyone who drives with Uber to truly feel that their day belongs to them一that they can earn when and how they want, and that Uber is always there for them.

But 180 Days of Change isn’t just about new features一it’s about a sustained commitment over time, and we are incredibly excited to apply the full strength of Uber to improve and transform the driver experience for the 2 million men and women who drive with Uber every week.

We’re about 60 days in, and we can’t wait to come back next month with more changes.