Last June, we made a commitment: For 180 Days, we’d make meaningful changes to improve the driving experience, and in doing so, make good on our promise of true partnership with the women and men who choose to drive with Uber every day.

Throughout these 180 Days of Change, driver feedback has inspired the launch of 38 new features and improvementsーfrom in-app tipping to paid wait time to 24/7 phone supportーeach designed to make driving with Uber more flexible and less stressful, with earnings and support drivers can depend on.

In six months, drivers have earned more than $200 million in tips. Since the launch of 24/7 phone support, drivers have reached out to get their questions answered over 2 million times. The changes we’ve made, together, have made the experience better in ways big and small.

And that’s just the start.

As we look toward the future, we want to be clear in our commitment: to build the best experience possibleーfor drivers, with drivers. To close out 180 Days of Change, we’re launching new features and programs to ensure driver’s voice continues to be part of everything we do moving forward.

Starting today, drivers will be able to give us feedback about our products and suggest improvements anytime, in the app. And twice a year, we’ll fly a group of drivers to Uber HQ to join a Driver Advisory Forum with our CEO and members of our executive team to discuss issues that matter most to them.

You can learn more about the features and programs we are announcing today here.

We want to thank the many, many thousands of drivers who inspired the work behind 180 Days of Change. Because of your feedback, we have made the driving experience better, together.

180 Days of Change was only the beginning. Many teams at Uber are already at work innovating and building features that we are excited to launch in 2018. We are dedicated to finding success together and committed to delivering on the promise of a true partnership, 365 days a year.