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Marketplace Factors That Might Affect Pricing

The upfront price is calculated using the base rate, per minute, and/or per mile rates and may be adjusted due to marketplace factors, promotions, and/or other discounts.

What are some of the marketplace factors that may affect your price?

Demand: If there are more people requesting rides than drivers available to give them, the price may increase in real time.

Route: We monitor demand and price elasticity over time. In certain cities, the price of a route may be adjusted upwards or downwards in real time based on this historical and trend data.

POOL Dynamics: Historical data showing the likelihood that you will match with another rider on a POOL trip may increase or decrease in real time the price for a POOL trip.

Other: We are constantly working to refine and improve our business and marketplace, and to make Uber as reliable, affordable, and convenient as possible. As part of this process, we sometimes test new ways of pricing our products and services, as well as price changes, in different cities and for different groups of riders.

This list highlights certain marketplace factors that are used to compute the upfront price. It is not intended to identify all factors.