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Here's how Uber for Business moves your company forward.

View all your trip activity, manage billing, and set up how your employees and customers can ride.

Your employees and customers can request rides from the Uber app that they can expense or charge directly to your company's account.

Accessible from the dashboard, Uber Central is where your team can request a ride for your customers.

Your transportation HQ

The dashboard is where you'll manage all your ground transportation and customize how people can use your Uber for Business account.

All your Uber rides in one place. Choose the payment method that works best for your business. You'll never deal with a pile of Uber receipts again.

Review individual trip times, locations, vehicle classes, and your total Uber expenses. Plus, generate reports and review a roll-up of all your trip activity from a single dashboard.

Add your people. Define how you want them to use your account by setting customized rules for things like vehicle class or spend allowance. The result: You and your team don't have to worry about out-of-policy rides.

The app for your team

Between offices. To clients. To the airport. Give employees an easier way to take work-related rides by adding them to your Uber for Business account. They'll get expenseless rides, right from their Uber app.

The reliable, on-demand ride they expect with the ability to charge directly or more easily expense rides taken for business.

You define how they use it. Uber for Business works through the Uber app to automatically keep people in compliance.

The solution for sending rides

With the Uber Central, you can give selected people the ability to request rides on behalf of your customers, clients, job candidates, and anyone else important to your business.

Need to get a group of people to your office or your store? Now, it's easy. Send multiple Ubers to multiple addresses with just a click.

Make sure the rides you request for your customers get them to their destination. You and your team will get a view of the trip status, so you know when they've arrived.

Even if your customers or clients are without a smartphone (and the Uber app), you can send them a ride. And the driver will handle the rest.

Simplify how your business moves