10月1日より、Uber Eatsは、すべての配達パートナーを対象にした傷害補償制度を提供開始いたしますのでお知らせします。


Uber Eats日本代表の武藤友木子は、次のように述べています。「日本におけるUber Eatsは先日3周年を迎えました。これは、弊社のサービスにおいて重要な役割を担う配達パートナーのみなさまの存在があってのことです。これまでも配達パートナーが安全安心に配達をいただくためのサポートを提供してまいりましたが、今回追加した傷害補償制度は大きなステップになると考えています」。


なお、当制度は、Uber Eatsの配達パートナーの多くに価値を感じていただいている、フレキシビリティを確保しながら適用できるよう設計されています。


Uber Eats launches Partner Support Program for all Delivery Partners in Japan

Japan, September 30 2019 – Starting from October 1 2019, Uber Eats will provide all delivery partners in Japan with medical coverage, including personal injury and income compensation for days off work, while they are making Uber Eats trips. 

This support program comes on top of the existing insurance policy that covers third party injuries and damage to property. Uber has partnered with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, one of Japan’s most trusted insurers, to provide this at no cost to delivery partners.

“Uber Eats has just celebrated our third year in Japan. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our delivery partners, who play a significant role in delivering the Uber Eats experience. This added support program is another step we are taking to invest in products and partnerships to make trips safer for everyone we serve. ” commented Yukiko Muto, President of Uber Eats, Japan.

Starting from tomorrow, all delivery partners will automatically be eligible for this coverage that starts from the time a delivery request is accepted by the delivery partner and ends when the order has been completed or cancelled, whichever occurs first. This includes medical expense coverage, permanent disability and accidental death compensation, and daily payment benefits for eligible individuals.

This partner support program policy is designed to provide delivery partners with financial protection while preserving the flexibility they enjoy with Uber Eats as a source of income.