Uber Eats will be arriving in the Kansai region. The service will start in designated areas of Osaka City on Thursday, April 26, with plans to expand to Kyoto and Kobe later in 2018.

Uber Eats is a food delivery service based on the concept of the sharing economy.  Uber’s technology supports the mobility of people and food, matching users, restaurants, and delivery partners in real time to deliver a variety of meals.

Using a smartphone app, users can order a wide variety of meals from various restaurant partners with a few simple taps. Meals are delivered to users by “delivery partners” who are undertaking a new way of working that allows them to work as often as they wish at their convenience. The system allows restaurant partners to begin food delivery without having to hire delivery staff.

More than 250 restaurant partners have registered with the app in the Osaka area. In addition to Osaka specialties such as okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes) and nikuman (meat buns), users can order Chinese, Italian, French, ethnic foods, and desserts. Consumers will enjoy the service in a variety of ways, from ordering lunch boxes to your work place, to getting hamburgers delivered to a picnic location or enjoying dinner from famous eateries at home.

■ Uber Eats delivery 

1) Consumers wishing to enjoy a variety cuisines easily
Consumers who want to order dishes can start using the service immediately by either registering a new or existing Uber account. Uber Eats makes your eating life easier. Just enter the delivery location on the smartphone app, select and order the dishes you want from the menu of a restaurant partners and the food will be delivered to the specified address. There will be no exchange of cash take place, as the payment is completed automatically with the credit card registered in the app. Uber Eats is the perfect service for busy people, allowing them to check the status and estimated time of the delivery in real time. Make an order from a broad selection of restaurants, including where you haven’t yet had a chance to go to and popular eateries that usually have long lines, at the time and place of your choice.

2) Restaurant partners who want more people to enjoy their food
Restaurant partners are able to increase sales without any changes to existing fixed costs. Moreover, as their brand and menu will reach Uber Eats app users around the world, restaurant partners reap the benefits of marketing and new customer acquisition. Uber Eats is perfect for a new business opportunity by restaurants seeking to serve more Consumers even though they are small and chefs who would like new Consumers to try out their food. By using the dedicated partner app for restaurant partners, they can, in addition to taking orders, evaluate daily sales and sales by menu item as well as obtain feedback from Consumers, among other things to help improve service.

3) Delivery partners can effectively make use of free time
Uber Eats is a service that is based on the concept of the sharing economy. People who have a free time that would like to make more effective use of this can register as a delivery partner. After participating in an onboarding session, delivery partners can start making food deliveries in dedicated insulated carrier bag designed to preserve the food quality. Delivery partners transport the food using either a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle of 125cc or less, or a light car registered for business activities. By simply turning on/off the dedicated app for delivery partners, you can make deliveries according to your schedule and thus earn money in your spare time.

 Uber Eats Osaka service outline (as of April 26, 2018)

  • Service start: 9 am on Thursday, April 26, 2018
  • Open from: 9:00 to 24:00(depends on the restaurant partner)
  • Delivery fee: 380 yen (tax included) / No minimum order amount
  • Service area: Parts of 10 wards in Osaka City: Chuo, Kita, Nishi, Naniwa, Tennoji, Fukushima, Miyakojima, Abeno, Nishinari, Taisho

■ Some of our restaurant partners in the Osaka area

Restaurant Name Area Genre
○△□ (maru sankaku shikaku) Nishi Sweets
Brooklyn Roasting Company Naniwa Cafe
FIELDER’S CHOICE Chuo, etc. Salads
GoGo Pakuchi Chuo Chinese
good spoon Nishi Italian
HARU JUiCE Chuo Juice Bar
Oyasaibaru TIERRA Kita Vegetarian
Okonomi Tamachan Kita Okonomiyaki
Kuwanchai Kita, etc. Thai
KFC Tennoji, etc. Fried Chicken
Saketomeshi Nishi Curry
Saba 6 Noodle Shhop Fukushima, etc. Ramen
Juicy’s Laboratory Utsubo Park Shop Nishi Sandwiches
Johnny’s Fried Chicken Abeno, etc. Fried Chicken
Hanayanagi Naniwa, etc. Japanese
McDonald’s Chuo, etc. Hamburgers
Dojima Sweets Chuo, etc. Sweets
Sumikuni (Ink Country) Tacos Fukushima Mexican


■How to order:

  1. Download the app or head to ubereats.com  
  2. Tell us where to deliver – add your home, office, or any other address you’d like.
  3. Browse local restaurants – search for your favorite local spot or try something new.
  4. Check out with just a tap – pay with your card already on file and enjoy free delivery for a limited time.
  5. Track your order – watch as your order is prepared, picked up, and delivered right to your door.
  6. Check the delivery status – check the delivery status, from food preparation until delivery and the planned delivery time on the app at any time.  This allows you to make effective use of your time while you wait.
  7. Rate the delivery – after receiving the food, leave a review of the restaurant’s food and the delivery partner.

  We appreciate the cooperation of all users as this allows us to make service improvements.

■ Delicious Deals! Campaign
To celebrate the launch of Uber Eats in Osaka we are running a free delivery campaign from April 25 to May 31. Try out the free delivery during the campaign period!  The usual delivery fee of 380 yen (tax included) will be automatically waived.

■ About Uber Eats Japan
Uber Eats is a delivery service started in December 2015 that has grown to more than 200 cities in 30 countries around the world. Service in Japan started in Tokyo on September 29, 2016. Uber Eats utilizes Uber’s innovative technology. It connects consumers, restaurants and delivery partners to deliver delicious food in the shortest possible time. Uber Eats is currently available in the 23 wards of Tokyo. In November 2017, service expanded to 7 wards in Yokohama and in April 2018 will include 10 wards in Osaka.