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Uber のマッチングテクノロジーを活用したハイヤーサービスの「UberBLACK*」 では、旅行や出張で羽田空港および成田空港をご利用される方々に、定額料金で快適なご乗車を提供しています。なお、新規・既存ユーザー共に、羽田空港から対象エリアへ初めて UberBLACK をご利用いただく方には、定額料金よりさらに 30% 引きとなるプロモーションコードをご提供していますのご利用ください。


羽田空港と対象エリアの間では、下記表のとおり定額料金(高速料金を含む)で UberBLACK を終日ご利用になれます。なお、ピーク料金が適用される場合や数カ所に立ち寄った場合などの定額料金が適用されない場合には、通常の UberBLACK の料金が適用されます。


  • 本定額料金は UberBLACK のみが対象です。そのため、タクシー・プレミアムタクシーには適用されません。
  • ピーク料金が適用される場合があります。UberBLACK の需要と供給が不均衡の場合、定額料金も割増となります。ピーク料金適用時には、配車確定前にアプリ内で事前にお知らせしますのでご確認の上、ご用命下さい。
  • 定額料金は、空港と対象エリアを直行した場合のみ適用されます。このため、途中で立ち寄りをされた場合には、定額料金は適用されず、通常の UberBLACK の料金が適用されます。
  • ブラックVANを指定された場合は、指定料として、一律 1,080 円が上乗せされます。

また、初めて羽田空港から対象エリアへの移動にご利用いただく、全ての方の定額料金が 30% 引きとなります。以下のプロモーションコードをご入力ください。(有効期限は2018年6月30日)

プロモーションコード: hanedaflat



  • 国際線:到着出口のタクシー乗り場でご乗車ください。
  • 国内線
    • 第一旅客ターミナル:到着出口のハイヤー乗り場(0番、19番)にてご乗車ください。
    • 第二旅客ターミナル:到着出口のハイヤー乗り場(1番、19番)にてご乗車ください。




東京 23 区と成田空港間の行きと帰りを、定額料金 27,000 円**でご利用いただけます。本料金には高速料金や消費税も含まれ、空港でのお迎えに追加料金は発生しないため、終日同一金額でご提供します。定額対象エリア***は東京23区となり、対象エリア外でのご利用時には適用されませんので、ご了承ください。

**途中で立ち寄りをされた場合、その場所を経由する際にかかった時間料金および距離料金が加算されます。また、ブラックVANを指定された場合は、指定料として、一律 1,080 円が上乗せされます。


Flat fares on UberBLACK are now available to and from Haneda and Narita airports. Now you can enjoy the comfort of an Uber for your personal trip or business trip.

We’re offering a special promotion of discounting 30% of flat rate fares to those who use Uber from Haneda airport for the first time to designated flat rate applicable areas in UberBLACK. This promotion is available to both new and existing users, only on their first airport trip. The promotion period ends on June 30, 2018.

*In Uber app, UberBLACK is displayed “BLACK CAR” or “BLACK VAN”

Haneda Airport flat fare

For the areas listed below, flat fares will be applied  Haneda trips, both day and night.  However, if you have multiple stops along your trip, the flat rate will not be applied.  In that case, standard rates and fees will be applied to your selected product..

Promotion Code
You qualify for 30% off your first flat fare ride from Haneda Airport!  Offer available to new and existing riders.
Please enter the following promo code to take advantage of this promotion during the campaign period (The campaign will end on June 30, 2018).

Promocode: hanedaflat

<Where to get picked up at Haneda Airport>

  • International terminal: Taxi pick up stand at Arrivals
  • Domestic terminal:
    • Terminal 1: Pick up stand Number 0 or 19 (for limousine hires) at Arrivals
    • Terminal 2: Pick up stand Number 1 or 19 (for limousine hires) at Arrivals

Your driver will call you after requesting your car, so please communicate your desired pick up location to ensure a smooth pick up.

Narita Airport flat fare

Flat Fare and Zones
Our flat fare is 27,000JPY and will apply to both trips to and from Narita to Tokyo 23 Wards. The fare includes all taxes and tolls and there are no additional fees for airport pickups – rest assured you’ll get the same reliable fare at all times and on any day.  The flat fare is not applicable for the areas outside of Tokyo 23 Wards.

<Where to get picked up at Narita Airport>

  • International Terminal 1
    For pickups at Terminal 1, after you leave the baggage claim, go straight to the Taxi platform from the International Arrivals Lobby.
    Within your Uber app, select the pickup location from the following exits: South Exit S2, South Exit S3, North Exit N2.
  • International Terminal 2
    For pickups at Terminal 2, after you leave baggage claim, go straight to the Taxi platform from the International Arrivals Lobby. Within your Uber app, select the pickup location from the following exits on the Uber app: North Exit 2, Central Exit 1, South Exit 3.
  • International Terminal 3
    For pickups at Terminal 3, turn right after the baggage claim and head straight towards the information center. Then turn right and go down the escalator to the Taxi stands.


The airport flat fare is applicable only to trips between the 23 wards of Tokyo and the Haneda/Narita and will not apply to trips coming from or going to areas outside the 23 wards.

  • Flat fares are only applicable for UberBLACK.  It is not applied to uberTAXI and uberTAXILUX.
  • Like other UberBLACK, dynamic pricing may apply temporarily in case of high demand.  If dynamic pricing is applied, the price will be changed and displayed accordingly in the app before making a request.  
  • Flat fares will be applied when riding from the airports to designated flat rate applicable areas.  If you stop by multiple places during the trip, the flat fare will not be applied.  Instead, regular UberBLACK fares will be applied.
  • Additional fees calculated based on time and distance will be added to your total fare for any stopovers made during the trip. When you request BLACK VAN, additional 1,080JPY will be charged as booking fee.
  • Flat rates are subject to dynamic pricing, which are applied temporarily in times of high demand. You will always be notified before you request, in-app, if rates are increased.