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“Uber Hourly” is now available in Tokyo

2022 年 12 月 21 日 / 日本

Uber Japan has launched “Uber Hourly” , a new car-hailing service, in some areas of Tokyo.

“Uber Hourly” is a service that allows users to reserve Uber Black for a certain amount of time through the regular “Uber” app.

  • What’s “Uber Hourly”?
  1. Available for rent in hourly increments from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 8 hours.
  2. In addition to immediate reservations, reservations can be made as early as one week prior to scheduled trip departure.
  3. The standard distance per hour is 15 kilometers.
  4. Additional charges will be incurred if the requested time or the standard distance specified for each requested time is exceeded.
  5. Expressway and parking fees are not included in the base fee.

※Please see here for the Uber Hourly Terms and Conditions (including cancellation policy). Please note that by requesting a ride, you agree to the T&Cs.

  • About “Uber Hourly”
  1. Available Hours: Available for reservations from 1 hour to a maximum of 8 hours in hourly increments.
  2. Areas covered:Limited areas in Tokyo
  3. Ride Fee:9,000 yen (For rides up to 1 hour and 15 kilometers) *Fees vary depending on the time and distance of your ride.
  4. Payment Method: In-app payment methods only, excluding ApplePay. The promo will not be applied for cash trips.

How to use “Uber Hourly”

1. Open Uber app and tap “Hourly”

2. 「Tap “Get started”

3. Select the time needed (1 to 8 hours) and tap “Leave now” or “Leave Later” (for “Leave Later,” select your desired departure date and time and tap “Confirm” then “Choose a ride”)

4. Tap “Choose Hourly”

5.  Tap“Confirm pickup” to confirm your pickup spot

6. Add desired destinations and tap “Agree and ride”

7. Your reservation is completed

* If you wish to end the ride before the scheduled end time due to reasons such as arriving at the final destination early after the ride has started, you can end the ride by telling the driver the 4-digit PIN number displayed on the app.

* Upcoming ride schedules can be checked from the “Activity” page.


  1. Uber Black and Black VAN  is only available when your boarding point or destination is within the service area. If you select a location outside the service area, it will not be displayed in the app.
  2. Please note that by requesting a ride, you agree to Uber’s Rides T&Cs and Privacy Policy.
  3. Please see the help page for details. For more information click here.
  4. .Click here for notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.