If you want to discover the Italian culture from it’s origins then you can’t miss Rome, the city of churches and fountains. At the center of the Mediterranean , Rome, also known as the eternal city, is the center where all roads lead to.Thousands of years have passed and the city’s charm continues to have no rivals among the favorite destinations of international tourism also because it is the city with the highest concentration of historical and architectural landmarks in the world. Here, on the seven hills , the story of Caesar ends while the Rome of the Popes begins , the Middle Ages end as the Renaissance flourishes ,from the baroque architecture and then reassembled in the Neoclassical style.It has the spirit of a cosmopolitan metropolis  and the ability to stay at the same time genuinely Italian , with the neighborhoods, the noons punctuated by the sound of bells, sunny mornings and lively people.


Rome was the second Italian city to introduce an innovative and disruptive solution for its citizen’s mobility; on the 9th of May we officially launched UberBLACK, during an unforgettable party at Casina Valadier with the astonishing view of Rome at our feet.

From that moment on, we introduced a very elegant, safe and stylish but at the same time affordable option for the cities transportation. Immediately, thousands of people decided to use Uber as their daily choice for going to meetings, happy hours, airports or stations with their autista personale per tutti.

When in Rome, do as the Romans

Top 5 things to do in Rome. 

1.Villa Malta:

If you want the best view of Rome then you cannot miss out on this one. Villa Malta, located on one of the 7 hills of Rome, the Aventino, offers one of the most suggestive views in the whole city. It is know for it’s keyhole in this famous and fascinating broad wooden door. No key is required: it is sufficient to put an open eye to the keyhole and focus. With kaleidoscope charm, a vision of St Peter’s Dome (affectionately known to the Romans as the “Cuppolone”) perfectly in perspective, framed by the tops of trees in the foreground, opens up. Often wrapped in a thin mysterious mist, seems to stand at the end of the garden path just beyond the door.

 2.Rione Monti:

Monti is a small world of its own within Rome and its center. It is as if invisible walls parted from the rest of the city. Despite the excellent location it has never become a tourist trap: on the contrary, it has always been able to maintain a very independent character, thanks to which today its considered one of the most vibrant and exciting areas of the capital. A bohemian soul district, inhabited by artisans, intellectuals and lovers of nightlife.You can find vintage stores, amazing cocktail bars, stunning churches and breathtaking views.

3.Al Moro by the Trevi Fountain:

You’re not a true Roman until Franco has thrown you out of his joint at least once. In spite of his scowling, locals recommend that you persevere and get a table. Once you’ve overcome the initial hostility at the door, you’re served some of the most authentic specialties in Rome. Our favorite vegetables are the crispy fried artichokes. As far as pasta goes, we love the light version of spaghetti carbonara served here. The wine list is one of the most unusual in the capital. After one of the best meals you will ever try you can step out and take a walk by the magnificent Trevi Fountain. There is a curious tradition regarding it. It is said that if you throw a coin over your left shoulder into the water you will be sure to return to Rome. An estimated 3000 euros in coins are thrown into the fountain every day.

4.Piazza Navona & Sorroundings:

While Piazza Navona is know for its architectural beauty and astonishing churches and fountains signed by the most oustanding artists of all times (Bernini & Borroimini), the sorrounding area is all about the vibrant nightlife.In Rome the city itself is the party. For most of the year, weather permitting Roman nightlife happens out in the open in the buzzing bars and piazzas of the centro storico. A couple of blocks west of Piazza Navona, the pretty lanes around the church of Santa Maria della Pace host lots of bars that tend to attract a more upmarket local crowd. One of the first, and still the most elegant, is the Caffe della Pace followed by Bar del Fico, Etabli & Societe Lutece. 

5.Jerry Thomas Project:

Ringing the bell for ‘Prof. Jerry Thomas’ is just the first step to entering this cocktail bar near Chiesa Nuova. The discrete door will creak open half-way and a stern voice will demand the password. Either plead ignorance and hope for a charitable gesture or say the magic word, which can be found on the venue’s website. Yes, this backstreet Speakeasy has an internet presence. But otherwise it resembles a 1920s Prohibition era bar.Red walls, cozy sofas, soft jazz and plumes of cigarette smoke mingle with the sound of tinkling ice cubes. The drinks are skillfully mixed and shaken by bearded baristas. Cocktails have names as Frisco Rickey (London dry gin, lemon juice, red grapefruit juice, angostura and ginger beer) or San Francisco (Bourbon, lavender syrup, lemon juice and Cynar), and many drinks get a final touch of absinthe bitters.




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