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Partner Protection Insurance with AXA

Uber launched Partner Protection on 1st June 2018, protecting eligible Driver and Delivery Partners from the financial cost of life-changing events with insurance from AXA. Now events like injury, sickness or having a baby don’t have to come with all of the additional financial stress.

If you would like to make a claim for an On-Trip accident or for an Off-Trip life event, please use the AXA online claims form located below.

When you are covered

Important information

Starting from the launch date

Partner Protection starts on 1st June 2018.

Coverage while On-Trip and Off-Trip

On-Trip: From the moment of accepting a trip or food delivery request through to completion of that request and for 15 minutes after it has completed.

Off-Trip: Any time when you are not providing Transportation or Delivery Services using the Uber app.

Who is covered

On-Trip: All independent Uber partners are eligible for the benefits.

Off-Trip: To be eligible you must be an “Active Uber Partner” (see FAQ).

How it works

What this means for you

Insured for major costs

If you’re one of the many eligible independent contractors who use an Uber App for flexible earnings opportunities, you are now automatically insured by AXA to protect you when you’re On-Trip. Cover includes medical expenses, death, permanent disability, hospitalisation and injuries (see coverage details).

Protected against lost income

We want to help you protect yourself from the risk of lost income due to accidents or injuries that could occur while On-Trip and Off-Trip. The program also provides insurance protection to eligible partners for some life events that happen while you’re not working, but still impact your ability to make money. Cover includes inconvenience compensation for injuries and severe sickness, and one-off payments for maternity/paternity and jury service (see coverage details).

It doesn’t cost you a thing

As part of our global commitment to safety we have partnered with AXA, the world's leading insurance brand, to provide you with this protection. There’s no need to sign up — all eligible independent partners are automatically protected by the insurance, at no cost to you.

How do I make a claim?

If you would like to make a claim for an On-Trip accident or for an Off-Trip life event, please use the AXA online claims form located below.

Further documentation

For driver partners

Full policy details and exclusions.


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